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FEBRUARY 20, 2013

Tips to get Tabby to the Vet

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tabby catBringing your cat into the vet is not always an easy task. I have seen the scenario many times where a cat owner is unable to find their cat, unable to get her into the carrier or the yowling on the way into the hospital is just unbearable. These are just a few of the reasons that make cat owners cringe when they think of taking their cat in for veterinary care. Well, I hope that I can help make this less than desirable prospect a little less stressful for you.

One tip is to get your kitty used to seeing and being in his carrier. One or two weeks prior to your appointment you should bring the carrier into your home and place it in an area that is our in the open. Take the top of the carrier off and place a comfy towel or blanket in bottom. If your cat loves treats then place the treats in the carrier when it is time for a snack. If treats are not his thing then you can feed him in the carrier. The goal is to teach your kitty that the carrier is a friendly place. When the time comes to make the trip place him into the carrier then secure the top. Feline pheromone sprays such as Feliway® can also help soothe your kitty’s trip. Spray it into her carrier and into your car prior to making the trip. It acts to calm her nerves and make the trip more pleasant for you both. Finally, you can ask your veterinarian when the most cat-friendly time would be to schedule an appointment for your cat. This would be a time when there are fewer dogs at a relatively slower time which means less commotion, both of which cats like.

These suggestions will help for some kitties and not for others but it is certainly a good place to start. No matter how difficult it is to get your cat in to see your veterinarian please do not allow that to be the limiting factor for her to get proper veterinary care. If you have further questions on the ‘how to’ of kitty transportation feel free to contact me at or call me at 480-488-6181.