VOL. 19  ISSUE NO. 5   |   JANUARY 30 – FEBRUARY 5, 2013

JANUARY 30, 2013

AMAC: Prepare for the mid-term elections or beware the consequences

If Democrats win both houses of Congress in 2014, the country will take a sharp left turn toward socialism
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BOHEMIA, NY – "Never have mid-term elections meant so much for the future of our country than the ones coming up in 2014. If the powerful Obama political machine takes over both houses of Congress, be prepared to take a sharp left turn toward Socialism," according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

He called on his organization's membership to get involved early in supporting Conservative Senate and House candidates. "The handwriting is on the wall and it is up to us to help elect a loyal opposition that will remain true to the principals that made America the envy of the world. If we fail, we will become an example of how the mighty have fallen."

Weber said that analyses of the President's inauguration speech this week by both Democrats and Republicans describe a second-term agenda that is concentrated on his socialist ideologies.
"He laid out a plan to force the nation to accept principals that are decidedly counter to the values established by our Founding Fathers. He disregarded pressing issues such as Social Security and Medicare reform and, instead, put a focus on climate change and gay marriage."

Reuters quoted White House officials who said that Obama will resort to an increased use of executive orders to implement his policies if he can't achieve bi-partisan support for his agenda in the Democratic Senate and the Republican House.

Meanwhile, many believe that the President is counting on his well-established, nationwide campaign network to help him win a Democratic majority in the House and maintain a majority in the Senate in 2014, Weber cautioned. "If he succeeds in creating a rubber-stamp Congress, his second term will have a far reaching impact on the way we live going forward."

Dick Morris, a former close personal advisor to President Clinton, wrote in a recent column that President Obama is "determined to Balkanize our once united nation into competing interest groups who bet quadrennially on elections to secure a place in the sun. He is only for some Americans."

Shortly after the President delivered his speech, another Democrat, political strategist Doug Schoen, said: "we have to interpret the speech in the context of his actions, which sadly involve more polarization, division, attack politics, and class warfare than is healthy. Indeed his whole approach, particularly during and since the campaign, has been to practice precisely the kind of politics he eschewed in today's speech."

But, according to Weber, perhaps the most damning indictment of the speech came from a British observer, author Toby Young, who wrote a column in the London Telegraph.

He said Obama's inaugural presentation: "was an aggressive assertion of modern liberalism, with the emphasis on gay rights, gun control, gender equality, combating climate change and - if his remarks about Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and income inequality are anything to go by - redistributive taxation. This is a fully-fledged socialist agenda that will leave the 47.2 per cent of Americans who didn't vote for Obama feeling ostracized and angry. If this is going to be the tone of Obama's second term, the next four years are likely to see America more divided than at any time since the 1960s."

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