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January 2 - 8, 2013


Stargazer’s Annual 2013 Horoscope, Part I
2013: Time to mature, no matter what your age

On Dec. 21, 2012, the Mayan long count of 5,125 years is said to be concluded, ending a series of 13 b’ak’tuns (13 x 5,125 yrs). The end of 13 cycles of anything was considered important to the Mayans. If we count backward 5,125 years from 2012, we arrive at 3145 BCE. History students will recognize that roughly 3,000 BCE is generally accepted as a significant turning point in human cultural development. That time was the beginning of the Bronze Age and it opened a pathway for human civilization to make major advances. (Remember the black tower from 2001: A Space Odyssey [1968]? Trumpets begin to play as you read.)

Theoretically this is the first month of a new era in social and cultural development. It is clear to almost everyone in the world that our ways of dealing with each other must improve dramatically if we are to salvage our species. Manipulation, greed, and outright deceit will only yield more of the same problems. Make a personal effort to reach for the better or more mature method to handle any of your individual problems and you will make a contribution toward the evolution of humankind. If we refuse to play the same old tapes, the mind will come up with better solutions. Our minds are naturally lazy and will keep reproducing the same scenarios unless we demand that it reinvent answers. We need to focus on pressing our brains to expand into fresh territory.

The Mayans had a complicated, well developed culture that lasted almost 2900 years. However, the people of the lowlands on the Yucatan Peninsula totally disappeared over a very short period of 150 years (750 – 900 AD). They were a warring and acquisitive culture with multiple tribes and a complex trading system. They grew to overpopulation and their resources ultimately became scanty. The crowning blow was a proven 200 year drought, a micro-climate change. Does any part of this story sound familiar? Surely one reason the Mayan story has become so prominent in the last four decades has to do with how and why the culture disappeared. The handwriting is on the wall – now – today, and we had best take heed.
The year 2013 is the second of five years in which we have the upheaving series of seven Uranus/Pluto squares. The archetypal battle in the sky is among Power, versus Social Justice, vs. The sovereign rights of the individual. Pluto represents Plutocrats, governments and any other major powers, I.e. The economy and global weather. Uranus symbolizes the freedom to be, social justice and individual rights. Governments will continue to develop strong arm tactics and reduce freedoms of the people all over the world. A typical scenario will include a government who promises safety in return for people letting go of their freedoms. Of course this has already begun in this country (2001). We have watched multiple revolutions that totally exhaust the people of the countries in which they occur. There are many examples of the struggle between Uranus and Pluto. One is the catastrophic Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court in 2010. The Plutonian judges allowed a torrent of corporate money to pour into political circles as the U.S. prepared for the elections. There again, the battle was over Power versus Social Justice. In a “socially just” world, people are allowed to vote and have all their votes counted. And trashy descriptions among opponents are rare. Uranus and Pluto were precisely square in the weeks before the election. There once was a time in which the Supreme Court of the US was a power to be trusted to make the best possible decisions for the Greater Good rather than special segments of the population.

Two of the seven squares will occur during 2013. One is in May and the other is at the end of October. The anxiety and tension, however, seems to last throughout the entire period, while the explosive outcomes occur near the exact squares. April will also be a time of significant drama. Economy is one of the Powers That Be in our world and it will continue to be a roller coaster. The Central Banks world-over are manipulating the money supply to suit their best interests and We, The People, are mere pawns in this situation. I believe that ultimately the result of our economic turmoil will align to the Good in a few years, but I do not believe it is because the bankers are so smart. They will ruin the system and a Phoenix-like answer will rise out of the ashes. Remember and think carefully about the fact that we are using fiat, fake money. Protect yourself accordingly.

Saturn, the planet of conscience and wisdom, has moved into Scorpio for a 2.5 year visit. This is a sign that deals with debt, taxes, shared resources, investments, alimony, inheritance, sexuality, and inevitable transitions. On every level, it is time to deal with debt. In this country the issues over federal and state debt have been obvious for some time. However, Congress, among others, has found ways to circle around the problem without doing anything effective. This is the end of that road and there will be no further avoidance of issues. If we take the high road, everyone will tighten their belts and find ways to pay for the mess. But if we do not, the powers that be will become even more desperate to hold onto their power. So straighten up whatever debts you have and prepare to pay bigger taxes. Think about protecting your savings from the possibility of tyranny. Stay under the radar.

The problems of the world are not yet solved because we as a species are not mature enough to clean up the mess. We are looking for rescue. Instead we must each consciously stretch toward greater maturity. If enough of us do this, it will ultimately result in better use of our brains that can actually resolve our social issues.

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