Washington struggles

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my view don sorchychIt is two years until the next national election and the Republicans should calm down and give rational thought to their dilemma. Retiring Senators Jon Kyl and Kay Baily Hutchison fired a volley of compromises along the lines of the DREAM Act. I suppose they think they will get special consideration because they are both bordering Mexico. They should know by now they will get no consideration from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid unless they simply vote yes on any Democrat bill.

It has often been noted the federal government was complicit in allowing illegal aliens essentially free reign to cross our borders. The country has accumulated somewhere between 10 and 20 million illegal aliens in the United States. The Democrats wanted their votes and Republicans wanted cheap labor for their supporters.

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Arizona has been a leader in trying to stem the border traffic. Arizona also created a workable way of getting them out of our state but not necessarily out of the country. Former Senate President Russell Pearce’s SB 1070 and Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s strict enforcement caused a seismic shift and illegal aliens bailed out, at least some of them.

The sad thing is Pearce was defeated in a recall action and in a later run to return to the Senate by political operatives from the illegal alien groups, out of state Democrats and subversive action by state RINOS. Obviously these forces do understand what a patriot is and decided to politically remove their biggest obstacle. They tried to kill another state patriot, Joe Arpaio, but thankfully Joe has another four years or longer in office.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney adopted a platform of “self enforcement” but the left wing media blasted him for it. We now know Blacks, Hispanics and Asians were majority voters for socialism by voting for Obama. Exit voter analysis confirmed free government support was a winning strategy for the Democrats.

I have no doubt that electing a Romney/Ryan ticket would have put air under our economy. Now we have to face four years of dictatorship under Obama and he wants the outcome to be a weakened USA that mirrors countries in Europe, like Greece and Spain.

I don’t know whether Obama is stupid or misinformed but it appears to me he is following a path he has hidden from us. I’ll ask again, why did he pay millions to hide his past? The only sense that makes is if he doesn’t want the public to know where he has been and what he has done. What frosts me is the media and opposition let him get away with it. Even Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity stop short of digging into his background. I don’t think accusations of RACIST are sufficient to explain it. No doubt Hannity’s bosses at Fox News have him on a leash, but I don’t think Rush is. The most outspoken of conservative talk show hosts is Michael Savage and he is on a new network in the east.

Does any Republican in the House or the Senate have the chutzpah to confront his background? Joe Arpaio’s investigation concluded Obama’s birth certificate was a fraud but it stopped right there because the help he sought from legislators did not materialize.

I maintain Obama is not a qualified President since he admits his father was from Kenya and therefore not a natural born citizen. Wake up Republicans, exactly what do you have to lose?
One has to wonder if Obama is playing the tactic of Lyndon Johnson. Johnson was accused of gathering dirt on opponents in the Senate but when he became president with the FBI and CIA under his command, what didn’t he have?

With regard to the current cover up over Bengahzi, it seems clear Obama was able to seriously influence what the State Department, CIA and FBI reported. The timeline of events makes it clear the claim the violence in Libya was caused by the anti-Muslim video is absolutely false. Obama slow rolled the fact the violence was al-Qaeda inspired to keep the knowledge of their incompetence from reaching voters. After all, one major plank in his platform was because “he killed” Osama Bin Laden; al-Qaeda was dead.

Now the House of Representatives is our only hope to hold the line on federal spending. While Congress is supposedly deliberating the upcoming so called “Fiscal Cliff” Obama is running around the country encouraging people to call or email Congress and urge them to “compromise.” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has sent a “plan” to House Speaker John Boehner which is more of the same, heavier taxes for anyone over $250,000 annual income.
The dream of any child in America, and the many who try to come here, is that there is no limit on achievement and the wealth that comes from accomplishments. Obama wants to limit the upside of achievement, a classic Marxist strategy. Let’s pray that the Republicans in the house stick to their guns and let the chips fall where they may.