VOL. 18  ISSUE NO. 48   |    NOVEMBER 28 – DECEMBER 4, 2012

NOVEMBER 28, 2012

American voters may have had enough

68 percent of registered Republicans would support a viable third party
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TPATH – As a result of the growing frustration with the direction our country has taken, there appears to be a strong feeling in this country that neither of the two major parties represent any viable ability to get America on the right track.

TPATH has just completed a non-scientific poll but the results should be of interest to every person involved in this country's political environment. Information on the basics and workings of this poll are listed at the bottom.

Should America consider forming a viable third party for registered voters who feel neither of the two major parties represent their views and ideology?

69% Registered Republicans
2% Registered Democrats
21% Registered Independents or Unaffiliated
8% Constitution, American or Conservative Party

Republicans - 68% Voted YES (32% Voted No)
Democrats - 100% Voted YES
Independents - 92% Voted YES
Conservatives - 99% Voted YES

Mechanics of this poll:
Name, state, party affiliation and email address were required.

Only one vote per registered voter was allowed.

Redundant votes from emails were deleted unless a different name was associated with it.

Some people voted for both positions in error. Those votes were deleted and not included in any totals.

Votes came in from many states, as far as Hawaii and California, but 82% came from the North East.

No attempt was made to verify affiliation of those taking part in the poll.

Poll was posted on www.tpath.org for 7 days and promoted on updates from TPATH and other groups affiliated with TPATH.

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