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A regime change

Nothing Else Will Do!

For thousands of years, the primary goal of peaceful coexistence with society has been the long awaited desire of the LGBT community. Why now do they believe society is ripe for a binding relationship with them? For this to happen, a willing subject in a position of authority is required to bridge the homosexual lifestyle to the heterosexual lifestyle. President Obama and his political party have stepped in to accomplish this goal. In fact, this Administration has been absolutely compromised, willingly manipulated by the LGBT special interest group to cause America to accept a way that is wholly inconsistent with perpetuating the proud, tried, and true path of traditional marriage, traditional values, and our unique American culture. A regime change is the only way to remedy this situation.

The Obama Administration has been blinded by the abundance of financial resources made available by the LGBT community. This is particularly troubling since this group is governed by a narcissistic mindset and is unconcerned about the adverse impact and societal consequences of their sexual behaviors and lifestyle on the future of America. President Obama shares this same kind of self-centered attitude. He explained his skewed method of arriving at decisions this way, “I don’t make judgments based on what the conventional wisdom is at any given time.
I make my judgments based on what I think is right for the country and for the American people right now.” The problem with this method of thinking is the President’s decision-making should be anchored in our past, influenced by our current experiences, and take into account its impact on our future. Certainty of the future depends on the anchors of the past, and a disconnect from one’s past severs the certainty of one’s future. Therefore, the President’s governing-only-for-the-moment rationale makes it impossible to forecast any future certainties; however, it is a recipe certain to change the entire course of the nation. His way of thinking is similar to LGBT individuals in that they too severed anchors from their past to create an “only now” existence for themselves that is not shaped or regulated by their parents’ wishes or the values of past generations. The President and his Party, under the influence of the LGBT, have intentionally severed the anchors to the nation’s tried and true American heritage to set a course that features the LGBT and infuses their sexual behaviors into the American culture, but camouflages the long-term consequences of their sexual proclivities on our future.

The President and Democrat lawmakers operate as renegade politicians by issuing executive orders and passing laws that reflect the will of the LGBT instead of the majority. The majority has been forced to comply with pro-LGBT laws, which are unnatural in that those laws do not promote the perpetuation of the American civilization or Nature’s way. In fact, stipulations of those laws cause undue confusion and stress in nearly every aspect of American life. This is exemplified in that under this Administration, to think of and express appreciation and admiration for the tried and true American historical values and customs of our rich distinctive culture is viewed as hateful and discriminatory. President Obama appears to completely disregard the uniqueness of our culture and the intrinsic, self-sacrificing attitude we have toward our children and the endearing respect for the continuation of our grand country and American way of life.

This is not propaganda nor is it spreading negativity about the President and the Democratic Party. They have been compromised, possibly unbeknown to them, but for certain they are wielded by the LGBT special interest group to redefine the social foundation of our country to make room for their lifestyle. The philosophical ideals coming forth from his Administration, no matter how pure the motives are made to appear, advocate a behavior and way of life that is unsustainable and non-beneficial to the continuation of the whole. It has caused the self-infliction of America with a form of nationalistic hatred (to despise one’s own history and accept blame for the ills of everyone) which has resulted in a quasi form of sacrificial, societal suicide (willing to sacrifice our historical way of life for the sake of the LGBT who now claim discrimination). We have been made to believe “It’s the right thing to do.”

As a nation of civil citizens, we often tolerate individuals exhibiting unnatural and/or non-reproductive behaviors, but we cannot embrace those behaviors or teach our children such actions are appropriate or desirable. Parents want all their children to look forward to maturing, marrying, and reproducing offspring, just as they have. This is the natural pursuit of all species, the tried and true way of continuing life. There is absolutely nothing wrong or improper with this pursuit. It is as natural as eating and breathing.

Children learn the same expectations for their lives (i.e., maturing, marrying, and reproducing offspring) through observing their parents and patterning their lives from their parents’ examples. However, as a means of teaching school-aged children the principles of “unity, diversity, tolerance, and inclusiveness,” which is a precursor for the acceptance of the LGBT lifestyles, this Administration supports implementing rules and regulations that purposely direct children away from acquiring and actualizing their parents’ expectations. This is exemplified in the public school administrators’ rationale for impeding children’s normal verbal expressions of affection and appreciation for their natural parents. They say it is to avoid causing other children sadness that do not have a natural set of parents; yet, they insist all children appreciate and celebrate the unnatural set of parents (two dads and two moms). This seemingly benign endeavor is an unconscionable example of severing the anchors to the past to intentionally travel an uncertain path, a path that will allow and cause a new order. The cost of infusing the LGBT lifestyle through this and other methodologies will cause a permanent divergence from the tried and true path of the natural evolution of mankind and civilized society. The price is extreme, requiring Americans to freely surrender our essence: our social order, our natural cycle of life, and our children’s opportunity to perpetuate that cycle of life.

It is wholly unacceptable to permit the Obama Administration to restructure our nation by nourishing these types of atrocities for the express purpose of implementing “unity, diversity, tolerance, and inclusiveness,” passing self-serving laws sponsored by the LGBT, facilitating methods of severing the anchors to our nation’s past, and purposefully guiding us blindly down a path opposite our tried and true American heritage. Therefore, the citizens of the majority, guided by our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, now seek political and legal relief and remedy from the Republican Party for “A Restoration of Sanity” (i.e., a return to the proud traditions of marriage, family values, and the American way). This can only be accomplished by a regime change: Democrats in all political races must be voted out. Nothing else will do!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, remarking on the Human Rights Agenda for the 21st Century stated, “We all know examples of good intentions that did not produce results, some that even produced unintended consequences that led to greater violations of human rights.” This timely message could not be truer than when applied to the Obama Administration’s fostering of LGBT interests. In fact, President Obama, under the banner of human rights, has initiated an extremely aggressive campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and make homosexual behaviors palatable to the general population. However, the endorsement and promotion of homosexuality (and all its variables) as normal, human sexual behaviors, which is intended to eliminate the negative stigma attached to the behaviors, is a major source and cause of “unintended consequences” that have ushered in a plethora of “greater human right violations,” actually causing the victimization of society itself. And although the motive behind ending the physical abuses suffered by LGBT individuals globally is understandable, the method of securing their safety (i.e., advocating LGBT behaviors as a normal, non-evasive, appropriate lifestyle and forcing society to accept this rationale) is the source of “unintended consequences” causing social destabilization. Historically, the homosexual lifestyle has been incompatible with humanity; therefore, the pressure, frustration, and confusion citizens experience to conform to the intrusion of an altered way of life has led to the “human rights violation” of LGBT abuse.

The saddest example of “unintended consequences” and “greater human rights violations” concerns the victimization of children. In recent years, a disturbing number of reports continue to surface about countless young boys legally adopted by male homosexual couples. These boys are subjected to some of the most horrific sexual, physical, mental, and emotional abuses known to mankind by gay men who have no criminal record of pedophilia and a large percentage share these young boys with or sell them to other homosexuals. There is also the issue of diminished trust between the public school system and parents as it becomes common practice to expose school-aged children to homosexuality, pornographic language, and visual images of non-reproductive, sexual acts (i.e., anal sex, oral sex, same-sex kissing and fondling) taught by teachers using diversity curriculums. The most horrendous problems with this supposedly “good intention” is children are mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually incapable of processing such information or experiences. Therefore millions of children, as early as 7 years old, are robbed of their cherished childhood innocence, which is irreparable. Consequently, parents are now faced with the need to address their child’s emotional trauma and attempt to repair their fragile dispositions. This in itself is mass child abuse (“greater human rights violations”) administered by the educators in a position of trust.

It is only common sense (and proven statistics) that we run the high risk of producing children that have early sexual intercourse and adopt homosexual behaviors by teaching curriculum that includes such explicit sexual materials. Furthermore, knowing children are insatiably curious and highly impressionable and naturally mimic what they are exposed to, there is no excuse for educators not to have anticipated the “unintended consequence” of increased numbers of elementary school children who are now found in public school bathrooms and classrooms acting out what they are taught as well as the growing number of children sexually abusing other children before they actually understand what sexual abuse is.

All the aforementioned “good intentions” to bring about the palatability of the homosexual lifestyle are a consequential attack on the historical institution of marriage, which is the social foundation of our country. With no other way known to maintain the order and continuation of civilized mankind, for thousands of years, marriage of one man to one woman has been society’s legitimate breeding instrument and foundation for the nuclear family unit (i.e., parents and their biological offspring, often supported by extended biological family members). Human reproduction within the nuclear family unit is the heart of America, as it is in most global civilizations; and, it has always been a protected institution since, as stated before, we are unaware of another method to maintain and continue humanity.

Admittedly, in the United States the nuclear family unit is nearing extinction. Yet, that does not mean we should abandon it and seek another way, especially one that is incapable of producing the same results. On the contrary, since marriage between one man and one woman and the resultant nuclear family unit is indispensable to our way of life, we must not even consider any other way. It is imperative to nurse this ailing unit back to health as we have done for many animals placed on the endangered species list.

Tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality and same-gender marriage is now touted by the President as “the right thing to do.” We boldly proclaim it is absolutely the wrong thing to do! We are not saying that we condone or accept abuse against these individuals; no, we will not tolerate abuse of any citizen for any reason, and we will always be a strong advocate for even application of the law. But we will also not sit back and allow the demise of our future American civilization based on mere speculation that homosexuals and their sexual behaviors are good and right for our country.

Homosexuality is the last of three prohibited sexual behaviors to be decriminalized in our nation. In each instance, after the behavior is decriminalized, people are free to participate in those behaviors without fear of incarceration. Statistically, the number of adulterers and abortionists far exceed the number of homosexuals; however, unlike the LGBT, no adulterer or abortionist groups have sought to idealize their behaviors and demand society endorse, celebrate, or advocate their behaviors as normal and desired for the general population.

Decriminalizing a behavior does not in any way communicate that a society is ready, desires to, or should automatically accept the behavior as normal, or one to be condoned and advocated as an appropriate way of communal living. All three behaviors have historical precedents as destabilizing societal agents. Whatever the rationale for decriminalizing the sexual behavior, it does not negate the behavior’s destabilizing factors or society’s rejection of or the negative stigma associated with the act. The behavior is just as undesirable by society as it has always been because it does not promote the health and welfare of the whole.

Until the relatively recent attempts by homosexuals to reconcile society to their viewpoint, no one committing any offenses (previously considered immoral and criminal) took pride in the continuation of those acts or made a concerted effort to force society to adopt those behaviors. There has never been a pride parade or holiday for adulterers or abortionists. Yet, because of their newly decriminalized status, homosexuals have become comfortable enough to justify forcing their way into mainstream society and insist on undue entitlements. There are, in fact, no special privileges associated with or because of openly committed, decriminalized behavior.

The conjecture that LGBT sexual behaviors can have a permanent, positive place in America is illusory. It is impossible for the homosexual lifestyle and mindset to be comparable, compatible, or consistent with the perpetuation of the human species. We cannot rationally endorse, advocate, nor permit our future generations to be philosophically impregnated or indoctrinated with any understanding that these behaviors are positive, desirable, or useful for the advancement of society.

We the People of the United States appeal to the Republican Party and demand they seek a regime change. This course adjustment is the only way to experience “A Restoration of Sanity” and put America back on the tried and true path of the cycle of life and the continued pursuit of restoring traditional America. Absolutely nothing else will do!

Artis Patterson is founder of the American Revitalization Company.