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DECEMBER 29, 2010

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This year, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address occur on the same day.  It is an ironic juxtaposition of events: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication while the other involves a groundhog.

Tom Rawles wrote a very sobering Guest Editorial. Maybe depressing is a better word. His call for independent, realistic common sense and accountability is heard, but who and how many will respond with action?

I pray to God A.J. Patterson is dead wrong about Obama having secured his re-election by his recent shenanigans. Although the logic in his Letter to the Editor “Obama sure to win 2012 Presidential Election” is unerring there has to be a way to ensure Obama’s departure from office. The conservative electorate and the disillusioned Democrats better unite and begin developing a plan to unseat him.

I thought the person who stole Blaine Keith’s hat was the most despicable person. I couldn’t imagine who would do such a thing. The fact his friend saw the photo and plea for its return in the paper and returned it is the best case scenario. No harm done.

Since you changed from a weekly poll to letting the one about a property tax to pay for fire protection run for several weeks, why aren’t the results printed in the paper? I’d like to know what people think!

Although not the main topic of Fenger Pointing in the Dec. 22 issue, Becky Fenger’s closing comment about more than 1,500 children being killed in car accidents in 2009 is chilling. Horrendous!

The Moby Tag at the top of the front page of the Christmas issue was cool. I downloaded the app for my phone. I have seen those before, one on a campaign sign, I think. I just never took the time to figure out what it was all about. I can check for breaking news like the murder story that was published on a Thursday.

Editor’s note: You can sign up for late breaking news at and we will notify you by e-mail.

I don’t blame Linda Bentley for covering one story after another about the illegals who commit one offense after another but I’d rather not read them. The only way they will no longer be news is if they are deported. The story about the man on the front page of last week’s issue of Sonoran News – that’s just nuts.

I disagree with the writer who doesn’t think much of voting by mail. The only down side is that late-breaking information, which used to be held in order to be damning to a campaign, can no longer be held for such effect. The mud has to be slung earlier.

What an incredible front page photograph of the sunset! The Arizona sky is one of the many reasons we all live here. That and the fact it is snowing most everywhere else.

The Arizona legislature-sponsored Prop. 112 that would have shortened signature-collection time for citizens' initiatives was defeated by a mere 194 votes out of 1.75 million cast. Politicians detest the idea of the public having any say in how government operates. I hope Carefree Props. 422 and 423 that would make it harder for Carefree to enact the mayor's property tax idea both pass. I hear he refused to sign the two signature sheets and was very upset because without a property tax it would be almost impossible to sell a bond issue for his new town hall office tower.

 Since neither the mayor nor council would have the good taste to publicly thank Councilman Coady for his years of service to Carefree, I would like to take this opportunity to do so. Councilman Coady, you are a man of honor, something sadly lacking in today's council.  Thank you for all you have done for us, we will miss you.

I took a great photo of a coyote, which is not that easy to do. The invitation to submit photos said pet, landscape or weather shots but I assume wildlife is included. I have to try to figure out how to e-mail it to you.

Editor’s note: Send in your favorite photo on any subject as long as it is not indecent, violent or illegal. We reserve the right to withhold any photo from publication.

Times moves on and people come and go, but Bob Coady will be missed on Carefree council in ways we can’t even imagine. So will Bob Williams, Cave Creek P&Z. Their willingness to serve as volunteers has not been appreciated as much as they deserve.

It kills me to think Terry Lakin is in Leavenworth because no judge in the nation has yet to recognize “standing” in any of the cases regarding Obama’s ineligibility to vote, much less serve as president.

Having burglars in our midst (like the creeps on Sunset Trail) is simply frightening.