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DECEMBER 15, 2010

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Great article! Keep up the good work! Firefighters are a waste of taxpayer’s money. I'm a paramedic for a non profit company down by the border. I'm glad to see someone is finally seeing things the way they are. There is no reason to have full time firefighters in Maricopa County or anywhere in western part of the U.S. responding to chest pain and difficulty breathing calls. There are not enough fires to be fought. I can understand staffing full time FFs in New York and other Eastern cities but not in the newly developed cities, and now that the economy is where it is city officials need to start looking at where the funds are going ... FD should not be one of them. Keep it up!

I read a Broadway musical costs $65 million to produce. Sounds to me that Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom must be involved. How much Carefree cash was sent to New York City?

I am awaiting the seasonal government propaganda blitz about the need to get a flu shot as part of National Influenza Vaccination Week, which began on Dec. 5. I expect the government to claim the flu killed thousands last year, failing to point out their data do not differentiate between actual flu deaths and those who happened to die with some other serious illness and just got the flu at the same time with the blame placed on flu.

I propose an annual "Mayor Huber Stevens They Are Just Citizens Award". Any Carefree resident may enter, providing the person certifies having always followed directives of the GOB mob crowd with respect to voting, having never attended a town council meeting, and having never read beyond the front page of Sonoran News. Two winners will be selected by a drawing before May 31, 2011 by current Carefree Mayor David "property tax" Schwan from a hat held by a blindfolded Vice Mayor Miller at a local pancake breakfast. First prize will be one night at a Carefree resort. Second prize will be two nights at a Carefree resort plus all the pancakes they can eat.

It is easy to find the agenda for the Carefree council's monthly meeting on the Internet. Just wait until it is posted by 4:30 p.m. on the Friday before the Tuesday meeting. Then go to, under "Town Council" click "agendas" then click "Town Council Meeting 5:00 PM." After making sure you have a program to open the PDF format file, click "Town Council Meeting Agenda in PDF format." That should produce a copy of the agenda. You will find that the most important agenda items are listed last, so just skip the "consent agenda" at the beginning and start reading up beginning at the bottom of the page.

I believe that Senator McCain is not only out of touch with today's world, but our troops as well.  While I respect his war time service to this Country, I have to wonder just how spending the majority of ones military career in a cell qualifies as expertise on today's men and women serving in our forces. 

According to Rural/Metro's Chief John Kraetz in 2009 the Carefree station, funded by the Carefree town council, responded to 232 calls outside the town limits, including 67 in Scottsdale. I hope I don't need service when the trucks are out of town.

A Carefree town council report claimed October 2010 sales tax revenues rose 17 percent over the October 2009 level. No mention was made of the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, or Bigfoot.