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james k whiteThe world’s most popular fruit

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Maine is our 39th largest (33,265 sq. mi.) and 38th most populous (approx. 1.4 million) state. For decades (until 1962), The Pine Tree State was the leading potato producer in the U.S.A. In 1960 there were some 26,000 potato farms listed in Maine and now there are fewer than 700. Henry David Thoreau described the region as “all mossy and moosey.”

For those with fur coats: it is recommended all furs be stored (never in plastic bags) at 45 degrees Fahrenheit when not in use. Also worth noting is mink, sable and raccoon furs are considered to be “durable” while fox and lynx deteriorate quickly, no matter the care afforded. We might consider letting the animals keep their own hides and see how that works out.

In Germany if someone mentions an “ohrwurm,” it literally means “ear worm” and is making reference to a tune that one cannot get out of his/her head.

Would you care to guess the world’s most popular fruit? If you guessed banana, you selected the # 3 ranked item. The tomato (yes, it’s a fruit) is #1 and mango (three times as popular as banana) is #2.

Medical care has made significant advances. The prescribed treatment for one having an epileptic seizure (1870 Health Manual): “a black silk handkerchief thrown over the face … will bring the person ‘to’ instantly.”

In Hungary, Hungary is called “Magyar.” Maybe someone should inform the world of the country’s real name.

“American” bacon comes from the belly of the pig and is usually smoke cured. “Canadian” bacon is made from pork loin and is normally much leaner than its American counterpart.
The Saharan Desert is the largest desert (not counting Antarctica) on earth and is more than three times as large as the second largest (The Arabian Desert). The reason I mention Antarctica is that many contend the continent’s annual precipitation qualifies the place as a desert and covers even more land area than does the immense Sahara.

Only once did the fabulous Elvis Presley have the year’s top-selling hit. That was in 1956 with Don’t Be Cruel. He was beat out by some unlikely candidates such as Debbie Reynolds (1957), Domenico Mudugno (1958) and The Boxtops (1967).

The JC in JCPenney stands for “James Cash.” Well, I hope the ohrwurms don’t get you and that you have a terrific week.

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German "heatball" wheeze outwits EU light bulb ban
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BERLIN (Reuters) - A German entrepreneur is bypassing a European Union ban on light bulbs of more than 60 watts by marketing his own brand as mini heaters.

Siegfried Rotthaeuser and his brother-in-law have come up with a legal way of importing and distributing 75 and 100 watt light bulbs – by producing them in China, importing them as "small heating devices" and selling them as "heatballs."

To improve energy efficiency, the EU has banned the sale of bulbs of over 60 watts – to the annoyance of the mechanical engineer from the western city of Essen.

Rotthaeuser studied EU legislation and realized that because the inefficient old bulbs produce more warmth than light – he calculated heat makes up 95 percent of their output, and light just 5 percent – they could be sold legally as heaters.

On their website (, the two engineers describe the heatballs as "action art" and as "resistance against legislation which is implemented without recourse to democratic and parliamentary processes."

Costing 1.69 euros each ($2.38), the heatballs are going down well – the first batch of 4,000 sold out in three days.

Rotthaeuser has pledged to donate 30 cents of every heatball sold to saving the rainforest, which the 49-year-old sees as a better way of protecting the environment than investing in energy-saving lamps, which contain toxic mercury.

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Your Horoscope by Madame Bournard

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ARIES (MAR. 21 - APRIL 19)
This may be a good time to resolve issues with your significant other, the New Moon gives way to an easier time. Change can be a good thing.

TAURUS (APR. 20 – MAY 20)
Stay on top of things at work so you can go home and relax.  The New Moon will bring peace to your life. Stay grounded at home and don’t take anyone for granted.

Be careful with your words this week. Although you may feel somewhat extravagant, try to curb spending. The good news is you are feeling relief from money problems.

You want to believe promises, but don’t hold your breath! By the end of the week you will appreciate time to yourself. Stay focused on positive thoughts.

LEO (JULY 23- SEPT. 22)
Communication is your niche, but this might be a good week to hold back – until the beginning of October. Leo, your patience and quiet manner pay off even though it is difficult!!

VIRGO (AUG. 23 –AUG 22)
Now that the weather is cooler it’s a good time to go take a nature hike. You may have a windfall coming your way. You must decide carefully how it should be managed.

LIBRA (SEPT. 24- OCT.23)
The ups and downs of late have made you feel you are making progress at times and at other times you feel you haven’t accomplished a thing! The future will require more of the adaptability you possess.

SCORPIO (OCT. 23- NOV. 21)
You have been burdened by aggravations this past week. Your many dreams lately may provide you with answers, so try to listen and heed them. Relax rather then being overly excited about life.

There may be a project completed or a change of venue in your near future. As far as your job goes, things are improving and coming together with both your work and co-workers.

Things at work have been strange lately. You’ll soon find out what superiors are thinking. You should regain peace and quiet very soon. Resolve is also near..

This week keep a low profile. There is a risk of miscommunications at work or home. This is not the time to be flippant! This odd time will continue only through the weekend.

PISCES (FEB. 19- MAR. 20)
Don’t think about your financials until the New Moon which will help resolve some issues. You need to keep an open mind, in order to see the problems clearly enough to fix them.