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Happy 90th

Happy 90th Birthday to a true American hero, Mr. Bil Canfield.
Bil is a talented cartoonist, his work currently gracing the pages of Sonoran News.
He is generous, friendly, gentlemanly and above all else a WWII Navy HERO.

Jim Ryan | Phoenix


Good-bye dear friends

I'm sad to say, after several years, The Cave Creek Coffee Company has decided to cancel the open mic. This was a rare experience. I want to thank the many excellent musicians that shared their talent and love of music with the audience that came out to support acoustic music in Cave Creek.

This was a true "listening room" – people came from all over the Southwest to make this happen. Many local musicians developed their talent on our little stage. As for the open mic I will try to find another venue. In the mean time those developing their talent, keep on playing and working. I believe in you all. Please share this with anyone who has found a home at our open mic. Warmly ...

Mad Coyote Joe | E-mail



Voter Proposition check list

Take with you to vote on November 2
Make a copy for friends and family or go to

Proposition 106 - A yes vote will prevent Washington's mandate that Arizonans buy health insurance or pay a HUGE penalty, fine or tax. Yes / No

Proposition 107 - A yes vote would repeal affirmative action policies and allow fair opportunities for all job candidates. The ban would apply to the state, counties, cities and towns. It would also affect universities and school districts. Yes / No

Proposition 109 - A yes vote establishes hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife as constitutional rights for Arizona citizens. Yes / No

Proposition 110 - A yes vote will enable the military to work with the State Land Department to protect both state land and the military operations that bring billions of dollars in economic benefit to the state each year. Yes / No

Proposition 111 - A yes vote for this proposition will change the title of Secretary of State to that of Lieutenant Governor in 2015 and voters would be certain that the candidates they are electing are indeed assuming the possibility of holding a higher office should extraordinary, albeit more frequent, circumstances occur. Yes / No

Proposition 112 - A yes vote for this proposition increases the time for filing an initiative petition to no less than six months preceding the date of the election for the proposed measures allowing enough time to gather signatures. Yes / No

Proposition 113 - A yes vote would amend the constitution to include a right to vote by secret ballot for employee representation. The right to vote by secret ballot is a fundamental right. If unions attempted to institute a “card check” instead of the secret ballot, workers would face intimidation to support union organization. Yes / No

Proposition 203 - A yes vote for this proposition would allow patients with specific medical conditions to obtain marijuana with a physician’s certification. The proposition would require the Department of Health Services to regulate the process. The proposition also includes severe or chronic pain as a reason to prescribe, which invites the potential for abuse.
Yes / No

Proposition 301 - A yes vote and the state can no longer spend the money for all the programs it has funded in the past. Proposition 301 would move money from the outstanding balance in the Land Conservation Fund to help balance the state budget for FY 2011. The balance is estimated at $123 million, and if the proposition does not pass, it would open up a hole that size in the current budget. Yes / No

Proposition 302 - A yes vote and voters also have an opportunity to repeal the Early Childhood Development and Health Board (First Things First) and redirect the funding to health and human services to children. The enacted FY 11 budget assumes the passage of Proposition 302 to close the budget gap by $345,000,000 in revenues. Should this measure fail at the ballot, deeper children’s program cuts are inevitable. Yes / No

We the People AZ | Taking Our Country Back


Ladies and Gentlemen of Sonoran News

I cannot laud your actions more regarding a copy of Obama's (I cannot bring myself to call him "president") Kenya birth certificate being sent to each and every member of congress. I did that once when our government was not making and sending enough of the special trucks that will with stand an IED blast and caused over 2000 soldiers to die because of it. The process takes a long time and is expensive.

Anyway, GREAT JOB! Now .... a copy needs to be sent to ALL the candidates that are running for office in November ... because those chicken sh--ts probably won't begin an impeachment process between now and when the new congress 'seats' in January. And, send a copy to somebody that counts at all the major newspapers across our great land. The sooner we get this question answered the better for America, and that is what this is all about. If we don't find out that Obama was an illegal president until after his four years in office we will be the laughing stock of the world, and he will have two more years to do damage to our great land. And YES, Obama is knowingly and with intent causing damage to America for the sake of Islam.

And, of course, we all need to know for the sake of Terrance Larkin, the great patriot that is to stand court marshal in October. Now is the time.

I have called my senator's office and voiced my views, and was simply told that impeachment proceedings have to begin in the House, so there was little the Senator Corker could do about it. Personally I thought I thought that was a blow off. Then I called Congressman Zack Wamp's office. His personal assistant told me that because Obama has a valid US. Passport, and that the department that grants passports would have passed judgment on whether or not he was a citizen before they granted him a passport, that I would have to take up my challenge with the passport office. That office just happens to be under the jurisdiction of Hillary Clinton. Well, that was the same as saying to me to go f--- yourself. Congressman Wamp has been an OK congressman, but will not be going back in January .... following his failed attempt to get on the final ballot to be governor of Tennessee. His whole staff if probably less than enthusiastic about anything right now, let alone some that is this controversial and inflammatory.

PLEASE keep up the attack. If Obama has nothing to hide, as one article said, this thing could be over in a nanosecond if he could and would produce the documents and answer the questions. As an American I would be PROUD & HAPPY to produce a certified copy of my real birth certificate in a heartbeat. I suggest that every American carry their proof of citizenship with them just as they carry their driving license. Wouldn't that settle a lot of issues. They the police, or anybody else could ask any American anytime ... without racial profiling ... to see their proof, and poof the issue is solved.

Well, I have gone on too long. Again, please keep up the attack, and know that at least some of the rest of the country is watching.

Respectfully and thankfully,

Roger W. Catlin, M.D. | Chattanooga, Tennessee

The three envelopes, an education
leadership parable

An educator had just been hired as the new superintendent of her district.

The retiring superintendent met with her privately and presented her with three numbered envelopes.

“Open one of these each time you run into a problem you don’t think you can solve,” he said.

Things went along pretty smoothly, but six months later, enrollment took a downturn and she was really catching a lot of heat.

At her wit’s end, she remembered the envelopes. She went to her drawer and took out the first envelope. The message read,

“Blame the politicians.”

The new superintendent went to the school board and tactfully laid the blame at the feet of the state legislature, the governor, and federal government mandates, painting them as uncaring politicians. Satisfied with the comments, the parents and the school board rallied behind her and the problem was shifted away from her and onto the politicians.

About a year later, the test scores in the district started dropping precipitously. Having learned from her previous experience, the superintendent quickly opened the second envelope. The message read,

“Create a strategic plan with a blue ribbon committee.”

This she did, dazzling the school board with her judicious use of edu-jargon and the promise of 21st century learners. Things again were better.

After another year of still lower enrollment and stagnant test scores, the superintendent once more came under the microscope. Again the superintendent went to her office, closed the door, and opened the third envelope. The message said, “Prepare three envelopes.”

CCUSD Watch | |


Sonoran News article "Obama, the jig is up"

Ms. Bentley: America is a great country. It is a beacon of freedom in the world because everyone has the right to free speech and freedom of the press, even racist lunatics like you. You have the absolute right to be absolutely wrong in this great nation. I can see from the blatant racism of your article's title that you are exercising that right to spew this vile, bigoted garbage to a small minded group of racists like yourself. You should be ashamed though I know you are not. Racists like you, unfortunately, never think they are racist.
There is not one shred of credible "proof" in your obtuse rant against President Obama's American citizenship. Not one. One rogue lieutenant colonel's despicable actions to disobey his orders and a right wing crackpot website (www.safeguardour do not meet the minimum "standard of proof" in a court of law, military tribunal, or anywhere else for that matter. Perhaps that is why Lieutenant Colonel Lakin is facing court martial, as he full well deserves. He has no evidence to support his warped rationalization. None. I am not surprised by the uninspired, unprofessional, and cheap "fact finding" research you use as the basis of your argument in your article. Such shoddy work is matched only by your obvious lack of journalistic integrity and talent. Racists like you and your ilk have no desire for fairness, objectivity, or honesty. You belong to a pathetic group of dimwits who thrive on right wing media histrionics, prejudice, and hatred.

I hope God has reserved a special place in hell for disgusting, racist maggots like you.
Feel free to print this entire response to your idiotic article in your “Letters to the Editor” section. Let others know that the mindset of racism which you endorse is NOT the prevailing one in this area of Arizona.

James Paluch | Scottsdale

Editor note: We are always happy to let someone of this level of intelligence prove it to the world with absolutely no help from us.


Dear Commissioner

This previous week I received a notice from Liberty Water and Black Mountain Sewer Company. The letter-notice declared an increase in my home rates of 43 percent.

In your position of authority, how could you possibly approve such an exorbitant increase? With the US and World economies in the lowest GDP rates since the Great Depression, with the US Unemployment rate at one-fifth of American Workers; you approve a 43 percent increase to service. May I just ask - What planet are you living on?

My wife and I are 68 years old. We have lived, paid taxes and struggled to raise and educate our family. As of today we have lost over 40 percent of our retirement savings to more politically corrupt politicians.

We should be faced with enjoying our lives as seniors living within our means and growing old together. Currently I am forced to travel to Laughlin, Nev. for work. Too bad I never considered politics. If I had then possibly I could have retired in the richest country in the world.

I urge you to reconsider the increase you have just approved. Arizona will never return to its previous image as a safe fair state for retiring senior citizens.

In conclusion the only word you deserve as a representative of both business and citizens is SHAME!

George L. Sotos | Cave Creek


Perfectly Outrageous

We couldn't agree more about the chamber's selection of Perfectly Uncivilized as their motto. That's why Suzanne elected to drop her membership from the chamber. When we first heard it we thought it was only for the Thieves Market. However, when the chamber adopted it for Cave Creek we couldn't believe it.

The Thieves Market is Cave Creek's monthly garage sale and flea market with most items unfit for a consignment shop. In this tough economic time you would want to pick a motto or slogan that would attract visitors to your town and the business establishments therein. This slogan has the opposite effect and certainly does not reflect the vast majority of the people and businesses. Cave Creek is one of the last if not the last Western Town in the greater Phoenix Metro area and its slogan should convey that. However, if you look at the Chamber Leadership you certainly can understand it.

Suzanne and Harvey Brian | Suzanne’s Hot Stuff in Frontier Town | Cave Creek


Identity theft

I do not understand the argument of the homosexual lobby demanding "Same-sex Marriage."

They claim to be aggrieved by the fact that normal married couples enjoy certain rights and privileges denied to homosexual relationships.

Could this not be resolved by a simple "power of attorney" or other legislative fiat?

I suspect that their unrelenting demand that the term "marriage" be used to define various and sundry relationships derives from a desire to gain instant legitimacy by association. Any such definition is an abuse of the language.

In every nation, the institution of marriage between a man and a woman has been recognized as the foundation of family and society.

Joseph Pasulka | Southport, North Carolina


Dear Scott Haberman

This e-mail is to confirm our receipt of your letter to the editor. Thank you!
Sincerely, The Arizona Republic

Letter: OK. Here we are. A month and a half away from an election and your front page story on Wednesday, September 23, 2010 is about Fermina Lopez Cash. A woman who abandoned her three children to leave her unfortunate life in Guatemala. A woman who was unemployed in her home country and made the decision to come to the USA for what? Money. Not religious freedom, not for freedom from political persecution ... for money. Her weeping countenance on the front page is touching but as a parent of two boys I can tell you I would never, repeat never, abandoned them. To be honest, and I may be crazy but I would exchange my life for theirs in a heartbeat. So what exactly am I to feel for this uneducated, unemployed woman who abandoned her children and knowingly came to this country illegally? Then smuggled her first two children into our country, again illegally.

Instead of writing sob stories why not petition our law makers to shut down the border so more children don't die. Five hundred people die in our deserts each year as a direct result of our Federal government not securing the border. If Obama doesn't give a crap why should I! Fact is I do care, and everyone in Washington should be ashamed. Sorry, as a father I pray Omar is alive. As a human being I have nothing but disgust for his mother.

Scott Haberman | Cave Creek


Oldies but Goodies

There is an old quote from Lem Billings, personal friend, confidante and adviser to John F. Kennedy, in explaining the lack of business expertise of the Kennedy brothers. Changing and applying it to the present Master of Disaster occupying the White House I come up with the eerily accurate "Listening to Obama and his entire administration talk about business is like hearing nuns talk about sex."

Equally true of the Obama "administration" is the old favorite "Those that can, do. Those that can't teach." This goes a long way in explaining the zeros, dimwits, anti- business Marxists and "non-producers" who are accomplishing nothing, destroying our pride, reducing our freedoms and rapidly attempting to turn OUR country into a Third World toilet.
Obama's "change," something for everyone to gag on.

Some good advice for America, send the fakers and day dreamers packing and tell them to take the Hollywood celebretards with them.

Tom Carbone | Phoenix