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SEPTEMBER 15, 2010

Your View

OK, please stop giving press to the very heavy, very nasty blonde from Carefree who hates Bob Coady. I refuse to write her name and you should not print it – ever. She does not deserve to be acknowledged much less publicized.

With the dregs of the Carefree political gene pool now on the DFL board, there is no wonder competent library staff are leaving. Kris Bishop is to be commended for her integrity. How can America ever restore the ideals patriots sacrificed their lives to establish, and the founding fathers sought to protect, when even our local library board has been overrun with GOBs?

I’m happy to see the return of the long-awaited bathtub races for Wild West Days. Has anyone considered bed races? Are there any beds left intact to race or would we have to build those too? This will be fun! Thank you for bringing it back.

To celebrate the return of seasonal residents, Carefree leadership will announce a series of dashboard Bobbleheads. These lifelike little figures will be distributed to the first 200 people who show up for the Amphitheater concerts this season. The inaugural Bobblehead will feature councilmember Vanik, followed by others with likenesses of Gemmill and his honor the mayor.

So Kiwanis wants to break more rules? No huge surprise there. Of course they feel special and therefore entitled to a zoning variance in Cave Creek. When will the good and decent members regain control and rid the organization of the pollution that has steered the club for far too long?

Is Glenn Miller a licensed Arizona contractor? He is constantly performing electrical work and other activities, presumably for a fee. I bet the IRS hasn’t seen a dime from him. He may not charge Carefree for his services, but do they inspect his work?

I think the work along Cave Creek Road has been going on way too long. I also think it is an inconvenience to not allow left turns onto Carefree Highway. How much longer are we going to have to deal with this?

I can hardly wait for the government propaganda blitz to promote the 2010 flu vaccine. Last year's scare about a worldwide swine flu epidemic was a flop with millions of unused doses. What will they try this year?

Philadelphia just had its second Naked Bike Ride. If that happens in Carefree, viewers run a risk of blindness.

I wonder why Mayor Schwan came in last in the 2009 primary election. He makes my hair hurt.

I have a sneaking suspicion there is another whole story surrounding the one you printed in the Sept. 1 issue of Sonoran News. “You need to drop your high ideals for the common good?” This smells bad. Are we going to read the rest of the story?

The town of Carefree website now proclaims Carefree "Where the Sun Marks Time." I would have proposed a different phrase, "Where the Politically Gullible Vote as Told."

Taste of Cave Creek will be over by the time many of our winter people get back. I guess since it’s become more of an extravaganza than a true taste event, it doesn’t matter.

On Sept. 7 the following notice appeared on the town of Carefree website: "Agenda will be posted here and outside of the Town Hall Council Chambers at 3 p.m." At 7 p.m. the agenda was still not posted on the website. I guess a top secret town mess is scheduled for review.

Carefree council on Sept. 7 voted a town ban on benign consumer fireworks, such as cylindrical fountains, ground spinners, toy smoke devices, and wire sparklers. With July 2010 tax revenues down 17.7 percent versus July 2009, I had hoped the council would concentrate on financial matters rather than trivial fireworks use. But nobody has ever claimed the council has any idea what it is doing.

Now that Carefree will be holding only afternoon concerts, maybe we could get our money back on the make-believe gas lamps.

I read here last week Hugh Stevens was voted in as a precinct Committeeman. What in the world do Republican voters think? Or do they think? This is one time I’m not thankful I am a Carefree Democrat. I would have voted against him. By the way in spite of my political status, I both enjoy and support your newspaper.

So Kiwanis has egg on their faces again. Thanks for the story and editorial about Petersville. I guess with the changing of the guard it is too late to vote Susan Vanik out. Too bad. She deserves black marks on her resume for being so stupid.