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• Perfectly Uncivilized
Oh that Huber • Republican Party speaks

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As Sonoran News entered the summer doldrums, we decided to print on alternate weeks. Nonetheless we are a weekly newspaper and we are online 52 weeks a year with perhaps more information due to the generous space available. But we continue to work toward weekly printing in addition to online publication.

canfield cartoon
We cross our fingers about the economy and hope and pray that Nov. 2 will at least take away the Democrat majority from both houses of Congress and return sanity to the outrageous spending by Obama and his Chicago thugs, abetted by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. But that is another pressing issue we all face.

Over the next few months we will discuss our point of view about advertising. These are truths as not only we see them but are the consensus of the newspaper industry.

The first one is:

Why advertise in Sonoran News?
• Our ads bring customers to your business!
How does Sonoran News compare to competition?
• No one in the six zip codes we serve has our circulation. No one.
• Unlike competition, our circulation proof is available. Anytime.
• We will show postal receipts, printer receipts and receipts from our home delivery contractor.
• Ask our competitors to prove theirs.
Watch for more ...

The next one is:
• Sonoran News is a newspaper. Most competitors aren't.
• Our peers have showered over 70 awards on us
over the past 16 years. Competitors have none.
• Most are "shoppers" which have no news, just ads.
• Check their circulation like we do ... ours is true and provable.
More to come in this series.

Perfectly Uncivilized
I was surprised as I listened to KFYI Saturday while writing this editorial to hear local publicist Fran Booth telling listeners that “Perfectly Uncivilized” was a neat fit to what we are.
To that I say BULLSHIT!

This issue has been simmering for some time, but I was hearing that the statement was for the Thieves Market, not the town. I have yet to talk to anyone who thought that it was an apt slogan for Cave Creek.

I talked to an expert who has chosen brands for a number of Fortune 500 companies and I got a profane response. With a national expert in this town why would these rookies stumble so badly? Furthermore, who gave them the authority to name a sovereign town? At best it should be a suggestion to council.

I heard from local chamber members that the chamber’s acceptance of the so-called slogan was a compromise if the logo featuring a woman with a dead aim on your nose was canned.
I had heard from yet another council member Perfectly Uncivilized would never get the vote in the chamber.

We had offered to accept slogan ideas and either have a public vote on them or let the expert make a recommendation to council. That offer still stands but marketing the outrageous slogan to media is an unacceptable encroachment on town government.

Precinct Committeemen
Huber (Hugh) Stevens, the Carefree town leader wannabe, waltzed in to my office proudly displaying a wall hanger declaring him a Precinct Committeeman (PC).

There were 15 people seeking to fill twelve available seats in LD 7. Steven’s was the 11th on the list of successful PCs. The good news is he is outnumbered by good citizens and his GOB choice as a running mate lost.

We agreed on some politicians such as how can we get rid of the likes of Nancy Barto, also in LD 7.

But Stevens claims he is after bigger game and he wants to improve the Republican Party. I asked if he was complaining about the state Republican Chairman Randy Pullen. To this he replied, “No comment.”

Watch your back Randy!

An often published wag wrote, “I saw Huber Stevens came in 11th of 12 persons elected as Precinct 7 Republican Committeemen. That is an improvement from the 1999 Carefree Council Primary Election where he finished last.”

Nov. 2 election
The Republican Party sent this party-paid e-mail:
Phoenix - As if the state Democrat Party hasn't disenfranchised enough voters with their big government, big spending ways, the junta like Democrat leadership is attempting to overrule the will of voters and boot qualified Green Party candidates from this fall's election.

Implementing a strategy that puts the courts squarely between voters and democracy, the Arizona Democrat Party has filed suit against duly elected Green Party candidates who recently won their respective primary and will be listed on November's ballot.

"Leave it to the Democrat Party to try and strong arm candidates they don't like off the ballot," said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen. "Quite honestly, it's just another attempt to stifle the voice of non-establishment candidates. We all know that an essential element of Democrat campaign strategies is to employ lawyers early and often to get their way, and having a Green candidate on the ballot who offers a better choice for voters disgusted with the Democrat Party is a direct threat to those interests."

"Democrats read the same polls the rest of us do," continued Pullen. "And these actions can only be explained by understanding the political landscape they find themselves in. They face angry voters who are fed up with bailouts, a failed stimulus and an inept team in Washington fumbling the economy. Back here in Arizona people see Democrats voting against spending cuts to a bloated state budget and in support of boycotts and unions like SEIU and UFCW. No matter where they turn, voters know these Democrats are wrong for Arizona and wrong for the country."

"What makes this all the more laughable is that the Green Party has hired the well renowned Democrat law firm Coppersmith Schermer & Brockelman formerly headed by Andy Gordon, now with Janet Napolitano in Washington to drag these candidates to court," said Pullen.

"This law firm has been accused of no bid contracts, conflicts of interest, and are big time supporters of Obama and Arizona's Democrats like Ann Kirkpatrick, Harry Mitchell and Gabby Giffords. Of course their biggest source of income of fees is from chasing hard working Arizonans for payment of medical bills to hospitals. It's no surprise that the AZ Democrat regime has fallen back to an army of lawyers who makes most of their money representing corporate hospitals. The Democrat motto seems to be, 'when all else fails, sue.' We've seen it with immigration and now we're seeing it with their effort to limit democracy."