Chad DeGrenier chosen for ‘Coach of the Week’!

coach degrenier award
On Friday morning, Sept. 10 the CSHS courtyard celebration of Head Football Coach Chad DeGrenier’s award as Sept. 3 “Coach of the Week” was the near-perfect punctuation to the Falcons 27-10 first ever home victory over Greenway the previous evening.

The award, jointly sponsored by the Arizona Cardinals and United States Army Recruiting, was presented to Coach DeGrenier by “Big Red,” the Cardinals animated mascot! Pictured (l-r): Robert Tate, former Cardinal defensive back; Sergeant Chad Snyder and Sergeant 1st Class Carl Prucker; Coach DeGrenier; Cardinals cheerleaders Valerie and Kristy and (obviously) “Big Red.” The award included – not incidentally – a $2,000 check from the Cardinals to Falcon Football.

Coach DeGrenier: “On behalf of Cactus Shadows High School and our football program, I want to thank the Arizona Cardinals and the U.S. Army for honoring me and my coaching staff with this generous award.”

“What are you going to do with the two grand, Coach?” Sonoran News inquired. “Maybe purchase new travel bags for our players,” he answered. “I don’t think we’ve had new ones since Cactus Shadows’ first football team.” Two thousand bucks ain’t scratch, Coach. Congratulations to you and your staff.

Courtesy photo by Rika Cuff