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AUGUST 18, 2010

Your View

?Now that a liberal Kalifornia judge has overturned that state's Proposition 8, can we expect Janet Napolitano and Elena Kagan to travel there to "become closer yet?" On, no – wait … brothers may not marry!

A noted quarterback has AGAIN announced his retirement. Does this mean we'll get six more weeks of summer?

It was with no surprise I read Mr. Thorstenson's third request for up-zoning had been declined by Cave Creek Town Council, perhaps due, in part, to his overly aggressive attorney. To smooth things out for the future, he should consider taking dissenting voters out for a ride on his boat. Just to show there are no hard feelings.

Glenn Miller really is a thug as you aptly pointed out in the past. I've just heard he blew up at Councilman Stavoe again, this time as the Carefree Town Council meeting was being adjourned. He apparently became agitated when Stavoe said good night and started shouting threats, although 'I'll beat you with my brains' isn't much of a threat coming from Miller.

What's up with the decorum crowd in Carefree these days? They kept their neutered mayor, but they're still not happy. They have unleashed Miller and Hitchon, who are both pressing unrelenting attacks against Coady. Congratulations to you both for lowering the public service standards even further than one could imagine. Just imagine if they become the next ruling couple in Carefree. This taste of Chicago provided by Miller is a very bad taste indeed.

If I hadn’t heard it with my own ears I would think Coady was embellishing a bit. Miller had filed a public records request demanding that Coady turn over his Carefree Matters survey question responses along with email addresses and contact names. When Coady publicly balked at handing over names and addresses, Miller claimed he never asked for that information. He angrily called Coady a liar during the meeting, but it is Miller that is the LIAR. The documents clearly confirm Miller's demand. I bet Miller was all revved up to intimidate the survey respondents. If you recall, the gob crowd has done it before. Fear and intimidation brought them a long way already.

Local authorities in Carefree claim the recent road work will improve over time. I feel they should test the improving road surface with their butts draggin' the lumps and bumps at the posted speed limit. Mule Train to Tranquil oughta do it. While they're at it let ‘em paint the lines a third time and maybe they'll finally turn white. Dipsheets.

In the 2009 Carefree primary election Councilman Coady was first with 800 votes. Vice Mayor Miller got 627, or just 78 percent of Coady's. Now Miller is demanding to see Coady's e-mail addresses from his private "Carefree Matters" distribution list. What does Miller have in mind if he gets the information?

Mayor Schwan came in last of ten candidates in the 2009 Carefree primary election. Can someone explain to me how he became mayor? Whom could he defeat if he runs next year in the town's first direct election of the mayor? Maybe disgraced members of the GOB mob (Fulcher, Gardner and Meyer) are hoping voters have forgotten about their record and are planning a comeback. Perhaps the secret political weapon of the GOB crowd is former Mayor Huber Stevens, now a candidate for Republican precinct committeeman.

Rosie O'Donnell has been hired by Oprah "Vote for Barack" Winfrey. Do you think one has to be a far left wacko to be hired by Oprah or is she just paying by the pound? I think a boycott should be started once it becomes clear who is sponsoring old Rosie O'Dumbbell.

News item: "The World Health Organization has declared that the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic is over." It is the same crowd that erroneously
claimed there was a pandemic in the first place.

One wonders how proud the GOBs must be that Glenn Miller is a member. This guy brings the worst of Chicago to Carefree and yet they celebrate him. Maybe he is the only GOB with the cojones to be a thug.

A friend who supports the current Carefree administration was sending me copies of the seriously misnamed “Truth” series allegedly written by the walking barrel, Lyn Hitchon or her spouse (that is interesting too isn’t it?). People who read this garbage (I asked him to stop sending them; I have had more than enough) would know Carefree has a perfect administration, because she says so. According to this propaganda flyer they are never wrong. I don’t recall voting for this woman and she seems to be tidy with Schwan and the GOBs. She should not be on the planning commission. That is a clear conflict of interest.