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AUGUST 11, 2010

Your View

This morning, a coalition of Muslim leaders warned the United States that if military action against Muslim countries continues, they intend to cut off America's supply of 7-11 Managers and Motel 6 Managers. If this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Dell, AT&T and AOL customer service reps. Finally, if all else fails, they have threatened not to send us any more candidates for president either. It's gonna get ugly, people! 

What a sorry slate of Corporation Commission candidates. All ex-legislators, all professional politicians and all should be held personally responsible for the disastrous financial condition of the state. All were voted out or term limited out, they bounce from the House to the Senate to JP to Corporation Commission, stay on the dole and stay totally unaccountable. No wonder Arizona is becoming a national joke.

Gush Shalom's Uri Avnery wrote "These 101 points (reference to a document) demolish the myths, conventional lies and historical falsehoods, on which most of the arguments of both Israeli and Palestinian propaganda rest. The truths of both sides are intertwined into one historical narrative that does justice to both. Without this common basis, peace is impossible.

Town of Carefree Internet post: "Agenda will be posted here and outside of the Town Council Chambers, 100 Easy Street, by Friday, July 31, 2010 at 4:30 p.m.." I always suspected the town didn't even know what day it is.

I agree that Lyn Hitchon's irrational hatred of Bob Coady is distressing. Although she is loud, vulgar and rather hard to take, she should still be pitied for wasting her life living in the negative rather than the positive.

I miss your printed newspaper. Reading an entire paper online is anything but relaxing. I look forward to reading your bi-weekly printed edition, curled up on my comfy couch with drink in hand.

Whoever wrote about Hitchon misses the point. The woman is foul mouthed, and crude. She is an embarrassment to Carefree and what we USED to stand for. The fact that some members of the town council support her only proves how low Carefree has gone.

A group of business folks have formed the Carefree Merchants Association to improve business. What then is the purpose of the town-subsidized Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce? Haven't the remaining town center business owners figured out the town council hopelessly buried their businesses with grossly inadequate parking, convoluted streets, senseless clutter, and a change in zoning designed to scare away businesses? Whatever became of the goofy Easy Street project anyway? As their first order of business the new CMA should pool their efforts to rid the town council of the GOB mob.

I drove by the Carefree town center recently. The gardens are a mess with dead, dying, and over grown plants. Who is in charge anyway?

Allow alcohol retail sales from noon to midnight. Do not allow alcohol retail sales from midnight to noon.

I heard that the Carefree Council is considering issuing BARF bags for when Hitchon cackles while speaking at Town meetings.

Cave Creek Councilman Adam Trenk-Thorstenson continued to distinguish himself by playing ‘lawyer from the dais’ for his benefactor, T. C. Thorstenson, in trying to get Thorstenson’s property rezoned. The sooner Trenk goes back to NY or wherever he is from, the better.

Our continued thanks to the Cave Creek electorate for putting Steve LaMar and Jim Bruce on the Town Council. Both have displayed the common sense and courage to do what is right for Cave Creek. If you missed the last (8/2) Council Meeting, you missed both of them calling it like it is and ignoring mayor Francia’s mantra to “get along, go along,” no matter how flagrant the behavior of their peers.

Trenk is a slow learner. After getting his hand slapped for pressuring the Cave Creek Planning Department to move campaign supporter T. C. Thorstenson’s rezoning application along, Councilman Adam Trenk tried his best in the Aug. 2 council meeting to drive it through in a public meeting by playing lawyer. After being called out by Councilman Lamar on his obvious conflict, he denied his relationship with Thorstenson, refused to recuse himself and lied about his issue with the Planning Department. This kid has no moral compass.

T.C. Thorstenson, who was trying to rezone his property for perhaps the third time, really overplayed his hand in the August 2 Cave Creek Town Council Meeting. First, he had his lap dog and personal councilman Adam Trenk pretending to be a lawyer which wasn’t too bad because the boy is such an obvious shill. Secondly, he brought a real lawyer who was beyond obnoxious, accused the Town of being unlawful before they even did anything and as a closer, threatened to sue if the Town did not do what he and his client demanded. Wrong approach! Try again T. C. but better wait for a new Town Council – Trenk has only one vote.

The owner of Market Street at DC Ranch retail development in north Scottsdale is in default on a $47.5 million loan. The center with circuitous driveways and inadequate parking has been losing tenants. The parallel with the Carefree town center is obvious. At least Market Street doesn't have the sword of Damocles Easy Street project hanging over it. The Carefree town council couldn't have done a better job of destroying the town center if they tried. Their incompetence is remarkable.