Don Sorchych My ViewAUGUST 11, 2010

Republican primary elections

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I hope you are waiting until Aug. 24 before you cast your votes in the primary election. We won’t receive pre-primary campaign finance reports until Aug. 12 and want to see who supported each candidate before printing our endorsements on Aug. 18.

I wonder why a candidate like Nancy Barto would list the bills she voted for as an accomplishment. If they were bills, which eliminated other bills, it would be worth noting.

Now Barto is claiming she is for border protection and against amnesty. Why then did she lead a walk out on Russell Pearce’s bill last year which preceded the SB 1070 victory? I would think her strong support and authorship of HB 2154 and HB 2725 would sink her aspirations to be a senator, especially when we have the opportunity to elect a conservative like Ray Barnes. Then there is her gutting of a bond local voters approved in 2000. Her modification of an existing law is likely unconstitutional and we are hopeful the Goldwater Institute will get involved to stop the unauthorized use of bond proceeds without a public vote.

Barnes, who unlike Barto, did not sell his soul to contributors, mailed a colorful and true flyer. Being the gentleman he is he called Barto a “moderate conservative.” She is no conservative at all; she is an opportunist. Look at her sellout to the health industry by facilitating passage of SB 1285 that an expert oncologist said is dangerous. Who made her a doctor? You can trust Barnes to carefully consider bills and then vote on conservative principles.

We have already selected two excellent house candidates for LD 7, David Smith and Kristen Burroughs. Both are qualified to continue the rightward march of our legislature.

It appears, with a lack of an unbiased poll, that Ben Quayle, Vernon Parker and Jim Waring are leading the pack of eight or so to sit in John Shadegg’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ben Quayle seems to me to be the quick study that will have a positive impact in Washington and I heartily endorse him. I heard Quayle in a public forum and last week in a home setting and he fielded all the questions with comprehensive answers. His answers were appropriately conservative without nail biting.

Vernon Parker is a cry baby, now playing the race card by claiming Quayle insulted him by saying Parker was a “poster boy.”

I received an e-mail that I think puts Quayle’s statement in context.

Robert Mayer wrote:
“I’m 40 years old, and I have to believe that I, like many Arizonans, are very familiar with the term “poster boy.” I believe I’ve rarely, if ever, heard it referred to as “poster child.”

“To say that Quayle’s statement is an “ignorant and racially insensitive remark” is patently false, and frankly is an insult to both Arizona media and Arizonans across the board.

“I’m done. I’m not playing their election games anymore. And I call on my fellow Arizona journalists to do the same. If you MUST put this in your publications, on your blogs or in your broadcasts, call it what it is: a lame attempt to make someone look like a racist.”

Worse, Parker has enlisted black advocates like Jeremy Moffett, to complain along the same lines. This is desperation, pure and simple.

Parker also whispered suggestions that Quayle’s two year gap in his resume might mean he was in rehab, possibly for drugs or liquor. Quayle was employed by a law firm and the gap was a simple oversight.

Parker also told competitor conservative Sam Crump that candidate Steve Moak was accused of rape while in college. Another whispered lie. Is that what we want in Washington?

And last there is “empty suit” Jim Waring. Waring was an aide to John McCain and shares values with him and support from him. I would trust him just as far as I trust McCain and that is inches or microinches.

Can you imagine any aide of McCain having any gumption? Waring is a follower, but also has a viscous temper, which gets loud and profane. Waring is from Chicago so maybe that explains his behavior, but we already have way too many Chicago thugs in Washington.

Choosing the governor is easy; who else do we have except Jan Brewer? Surely not Terry Goddard, the darling of Democrats and RINOs.

I will vote for Brewer while holding my nose. Proposition 100, which raised our sales tax by 18 percent was her doing and something a real conservative just doesn’t do. Do you wonder how she got the legislature to fold and accept a tax vote? She held them hostage and wouldn’t have signed SB 1070 if they didn’t and now she claims credit for SB 1070.

Proposition 100 was fated to win solely because it was bankrolled by those in the education community and other union dominated areas like fire and law enforcement.

Hello Arizona! Senator Russell Pearce, conservative patriot, wrote and lobbied the bill through the legislature, not Brewer. Without Pearce it never would have happened. I still believe the U.S. Supreme Court should rule on SB 1070 and hopefully, sooner than later they will. And they will find it to be constitutional.

 Let the exodus continue.

I was surprised to learn that Precinct Committeemen, although elected, do not want to be listed. Fortunately, they are listed in the Carefree voters pamphlet since 15 precinct committeemen are running in Carefree for 10 openings. The good news is that mostly conservatives will dominate the 15 positions that will be voted.

Anyway, the one who bothers me that is running is Huber Stevens the wanna-be king maker in Carefree. Stevens fancies himself as a politician but his short tenure as a mayor in Carefree should disavow his dream. You may remember he was at the bottom of the list when running after serving as mayor. He didn’t make the cut for even a runoff.

Stevens has elicited votes for himself and George Hofer to be Republican Precinct Committeemen. Don’t fall for GOBs, vote for anyone but them.

Stevens gets his jollies by being the official Kiwanian politician and court jester. Other than that he thinks he is the biggest baddest Good Old Boy in Carefree. Whoops I’m glad I didn’t send that to Vernon Parker, the Boy part would, of course, be racist.