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JULY 28 - AUGUST 3, 2010

Your View

It is a sad state of affairs when Glen Miller (our local handyman) considers himself the most qualified on the council to explain town finances.

Aside from the rough, uneven road surface on Cave Creek Road what else did the government money giveaway provide Carefree?  The bonus must be the White lines on the road that are now turning Yellow.  Let’s hope the Yellow lines in the crosswalk don’t turn Green.

Arek Fressadi “living in exile from Cave Creek” is supposed to do what? Make us feel sorry for him? Are you kidding? That’s not the issue.

I am writing on an old subject, "The Gardens at Carefree Town Center." Don't the residents of Carefree care how the Gardens look anymore? They used to be beautiful and they made the Town Center look good. Now they look uncared for. There are dead or dying plants, leaks in the irrigation systems, trees that someone has butchered trying to trim them. The Gardens were something people enjoyed looking at and walking through. Now they look unkempt. I am not a resident, but I do visit Carefree from time to time and when you had Jeanette Summers in charge of the Gardens, they always looked good. Carefree was different from Cave Creek or any other community nearby, because they had "The Gardens at Carefree Town Center.” The town may have saved money by letting Jeanette go, but what they lost were the beautiful "Gardens at Carefree Town Center."

I can’t believe T.C. Thorstenson’s parcel is going before council with a recommendation for approval for a General Plan Amendment. What is the planning commission thinking? Unfortunately, we will soon be hearing all about another referendum if this is up-zoned.

Do nothing councilman Gemmill has a friend at the left-wing Repulsive.  They even published his moronic comments regarding Carefree’s budget circus. Where was he during the discussion to provide pay raises for town staff who are under worked, over paid, and political meddlers?

In response to the reader that goes out of his way to avoid using USPS because of the unionized worker, I would like to offer this information: In many of the towns in Arizona, the postal facilities are contract stations. Carefree is one that is a contract station and many in Scottsdale are as well. These facilities are manned by people hired at close to minimum wage for doing the same work as the unionized career employees of the USPS. The next time you favor UPS to avoid USPS employees, be sure and thank the Teamster Union for the driver of the brown truck coming to your house, that is so nice. That’s a union that really knows how to take care of their members. See, many of the UPS folks have better pay and benefits than the USPS folks. That’s just one of the reasons why you pay more to use UPS.

Hitchon’s thing for Bob Coady reflects an intensive hate that is inexplicable.  She actively seeks any opportunity, regardless how insignificant, to publicly crucify him.  Get a better life Lyn.  Becoming a better person may lead to happiness that will help you overcome depression, boredom, and may lead to better social interactions.

Linda Bentley’s article on the workshop session on the front page of the July 21 issue makes Cave Creek meetings seem so interesting. I don’t usually attend, but I am obviously missing out on the circus.

Can the Carefree council get anything right? Or is it the administration? I laughed when I read someone thought they had a flat until I drove on the road surface. They weren’t kidding; it is deplorable. Who let the contract for “road improvement?” Was it (Councilman) Glenn Miller or Mr. Everything, Gary Neiss? Not that there is much difference. So did they have a performance feature in the contract? It is unacceptable so are they going to have it redone or what?

Gallup Poll shows the presidency enjoys the high confidence of just 36 percent of Americans with only 11 percent having a great deal or a lot of confidence in Congress. What do they expect when they keep returning to office political hacks? Complacency of the public is astonishing to me. Half of those eligible to vote do not bother. Many of those who do vote are clueless about the issues, simply checking off a name they recognize. Nowhere was that more apparent than in Carefree where the public was offered the chance to remove from office their boob mayor trampling on civil rights and did not. If an issue isn't visible from the end of a Carefree resident's driveway, it doesn't matter. They get what they deserve: outrageously high water rates, a cluttered and dying town center, and a property tax on the way.

The desert animals have changed their habits and travel paths since the rain. Please slow down and watch out for them. They are searching for and returning to water.