greg farleyGuest Editorial

BY GREG FARLEY  |  JULY 21, 2010

Aztlan’s last stand

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The signing of Arizona SB 1070 has electrified America like nothing since 9-11. Americans who have never given the invasion from Mexico a second thought are talking about Arizona’s landmark legislation, and most support it passionately. People from every state are opening their wallets to help defend the law from detractors, sending an unprecedented signal to the federal executive branch: we’ve had enough!

The sudden interest in crime, government corruption, taxes and state’s rights can only be compared to an awakening of Rip Van Winkle “sleeping giant” – a name given to this country when it still had its head screwed on straight.

The broadcast media has had a field day, dedicating most of its coverage to the opposition: Hispanic groups, boycotters, entertainers, and city, county, state, and federal officials with predisposed conclusions about the legislation before reading it.

Greed is the driving force behind most of the opposition to enforcing America’s laws. There are many who will lose income from highly profitable cheap labor and a steady procreated supply of children. There are untold numbers of immigration lawyers, hundreds of slumlords, and tens of thousands of retailers. It’s a big club.

Then there is the fight for the Hispanic vote, with the Democrats enjoying a majority share, which they have for years. After eight years of the George Bush pretense of border security while offering amnesty to 20-30 million illegals from Mexico, the stage was set for both parties to sell the U.S. to Mexico for political power and its brother, money. Obama is continuing the quest. The Democrats are gambling everything (party unity for amnesty) on the Hispanic vote and unchecked, someday they will control the swing. Theoretically, America’s only hope is with the G.O.P., but if they continue to capitulate “someday” will arrive sooner than projected.

The government/media cartel truly believes you are an idiot. For almost a decade, they have been throwing around the statistic “8-12 million illegal aliens.” While thousands have broken the U.S./Mexico border daily for over a decade, the number never changes.

The afore-mentioned opposition can be beaten down. There are regional employer sanction laws, bad press for pro-illegal political figures and occasionally someone is voted out. But in the end, the employers, schools, churches, lawyers, retailers, politicians, and psychotic liberals are all tools for the largest of the opposition – Mexico. And they have used them to perfection.

Mexico’s short term goal is to export as much of their poverty as possible to suck dry America’s social system. Their long term goal is total political control over the southwest U.S., something they are already flexing as “a friend of the court.”

“Aztlan” is the portion of the United States that will be reclaimed or re-conquered by Mexico and includes Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, and parts of Washington.

It is disquieting that the majority of Americans are not familiar with the term “Aztlan.” Linda Bentley, consummate reporter and writer for Sonoran News, published her report “Paving the Way to Aztlan With Propaganda, Politics, and Racism” back in 2003. In this masterful work, she states “Immigrant advocacy groups no longer promote legal immigration, citizenship, learning English or any other assimilation into this country. Hispanic-rights groups talk of reoccupation and repatriation of the southwestern United States." If you have not read her investigation into this topic, this would be step one to seeing what is already in front of your face.

As stated by several figures involved with the Hispanic group “The Council of La Raza” (the race), politically-minded Hispanics in the U.S. and Mexico are practicing “reconquista,” the retaking of the southwest U.S. by silent, patient, and stellar demographic warfare. Put simply, they will invade our country from Mexico, then out-produce us in the birth department. This is being taught in schools in Mexico and “Hispanic studies” classes in the U.S. Currently the average Hispanic family has five children.

While the media will kill for a story to publish about white supremacists, they will never even mention the words “La Raza”, unless the group has just been addressed by a presidential nominee or sitting president (Clinton, Gore, Bush, Kerry, McCain, Obama). The media silence on this radical Mexican group is deafening. Try starting an organization called “Whites Rule” and your TV ratings will surpass American Idol.

Currently, the Hispanic birth rate in the U.S. is nearly twice that of all other ethnicities. The birth rate among illegal aliens is higher than their U.S. citizen Hispanic counterparts. One website with “La Raza” in its domain name has a feature titled “anchor baby power.” When you look at the birth rates, putting aside the staggering social price tag, it is obvious that fuel for the reconquista concept is in the tank.

The long-term strategy is working like a charm with California being the first to fall in the line of jurisdictional dominos.

The effect of multiple states enacting and enforcing laws like SB 1070 is going to collectively deter future illegal immigrants, activate attrition (self- deportation), and permanently end the “domino effect.”

The passing of Arizona SB 1070 and the flood of copy-cat legislation to follow is four flat tires for the vehicle of re-conquering anybody. With Arizona in the cross hairs of the opposition, Mexico and its American ilk are determined to derail and destroy the action before it spreads. But this time, even in the courts, the monster won’t be killed. The “desert mouse” that roared woke up the entire country. It may take years, but the battle for America’s sovereignty and culture will be won.

Success requires Americans to make tough decisions and take strong actions, or the loss of precious ideals will only be delayed for a generation. The goal must be the determination not to pass this national sovereignty crisis on to our descendants.