JULY 14-20, 2010

Your View

News report: "About a quarter of the swine flu vaccine produced for the U.S. public has expired — meaning that 40 million doses worth about $260 million are being written off as trash." Gee, I could have saved $6.50 from being discarded if I had just gotten a flu shot. Oh, well.

Call me elitist if you like, but Petite Acres is not a “microcosm” of Cave Creek. Over the years I have read in Sonoran News about owls being shot, fist fights and various MCSO visits. That has NEVER happened in my neighborhood or in any other section of town. As far as I know it is the only trailer park in town. Enough said?

Postmaster General John Potter, recently commenting about another proposed USPS rate increase following the May, 2009 hike said, "All is not lost. ... We can right this ship." When the ship is the Titanic, I don't agree. Unionized postal employees treat customers with disdain, which is not surprising for a company with a monopoly. Remember the original AT&T? I go out of my way to use UPS, e-mail, automatic deductions for bill payment, and buy the few stamps I need at the supermarket, almost eliminating any contact with the USPS.

News headline: "Justice Dept. to sue Arizona over immigration law". The feds won't enforce the law and they don't want anyone else to do so either.

I am angry about our own government filing a suit against Arizona’s SB 1070. What I read in a brief review is that the government uses illegal immigration as a bargaining chip. How dare they do that? It is a simple case of law breaking with the government turning their head not only to the illegal entering but to illegal employment too. Check out the kitchen of your favorite local restaurant and you will see what I mean. I, for one, have sent complaints to Sheriff Joe’s hot line and can’t wait to see the greedy proprietors busted.

News report: "Viagra-popping seniors lead the pack for STDs." Scientists should get busy determining how the pills lower resistance to infection!

There is nothing cuter that a baby quail, so please, please slow down so you can stop when momma quail leads her babies across the road. I was nearly rear ended on Grapevine Road when I jammed on brakes to avoid smashing a quail family. They survived but my tailgater wasn’t very happy. My ears are still ringing and if I wasn’t a woman he may have punched me.

Cave Creek offers its CodeRed emergency notification program for area residents. I'll sign up when CodeRed includes alerts about goofy town council meeting agenda items. I particularly want to know if they bring back the proposal to introduce Desert Bighorn Sheep in this vicinity. I don't want them grazing on my plants.

Noticing all the campaign signs going up, it is interesting how many of them have "endorsed by Sheriff Joe" on them.  If all of these people get elected Sheriff Joe will have a contingency of power behind him, unequaled since Hitler.  Congressmen. Legislators, representatives?   What next?

President Obama's chief of staff and budget director have announced they are quitting. On a related point, the passengers on the RMS Titanic could tell when there was no hope for the ship.

As predicted, political signs are multiplying. I wonder who told Jim Waring  (candidate for John Shadegg’s seat) that we are so stupid up here that we need a cluster of three signs to remember his name? I will remember his name all right and will vote for somebody other than him.

To put the sheer size of the BP oil spill into perspective, these guys have created a program to let you measure it against the land mass surrounding your home town. Click on the link, then enter your town, and province, state or country in the location box top of page, and 'move' the oil spill. Visit http://www.ifitwasmyhome.com/.

The GOB mob urged defeat of Councilman Coady's initiative for direct election of the mayor, but suffered a stinging humiliation when 73 percent of voters overwhelmingly supported the measure. That defeat was followed by another serious loss when the mayor and his key cronies, unable to get elected in the March 2009 primary election, quit the Carefree council. Now two former GOB vice mayors are trying to save face by attempting to water down direct election and give the GOB crowd a second bite at the apple in case their candidate loses in the March 2011 primary election.

In the upcoming midterm election and in 2012, Americans will come out and send a clear message to Obama and all the other radical, progressive liberals. We The People are your employer, you have not upheld your oath of office, you have disregarded OUR Constitution, you have continually ignored the  safety of our lives and property and engaged in racial strife for political gain. You have embarrassed us before the world and you have made us less safe. You are a disgrace to OUR country, flag and way of life. WE are American CITIZENS with nothing to hide (hear that Obama?). WE ARE NOT your subjects to be insulted, ignored, kicked around and bullied.  The lack of truth, honesty, transparency and personal responsibility emanating from "your" administration has awakened us and shown us what it may be like to live under a tyrant and a clueless one at that. Therefore, WE WILL rid ourselves of you, reclaim our country and heritage and send you into history as the biggest mistake America has ever made.

A lingerie model promised to run nude though the streets of Paraguay if her favorite team won the World Cup. I propose that nude lingerie models be secured to run Cave Creek streets if Mayor Francia is elected in 2011.