JULY 7-13, 2010

Your View

Based on CPI data so far this year, social security recipients can expect a 1-2% COLA (cost of living adjustment) in 2011 versus none in 2010. Do you think this is an election year?

I just learned that Carefree has a Town Marketing Committee. Considering that we are losing yet another business, and I have yet to see anything being done to seriously promote what few businesses we have left, I would suggest that Mayor Schwan replace this entire committee with more industrious and competent people.

What a scary time it is. Independence Day has lost its meaning when the U.S. Government treats Americans like idiotic second class citizens.

Anyone needing to dispose of junk electronic equipment should know there is a computer repair shop near the corner of Cave Creek Road and Tatum Blvd. that accepts such items without charge.
Editor’s note: So does the Maricopa County dump site on the south side of Carefree Highway just west of Dove Valley Shops.

Your editorial page last week (June 30) was extraordinary, as it usually is. I’m sure you’ve bragged in the past about having won awards, but I don’t recall which years. It matters not whether I agree with everything written on the page. What matters most is that it is always so well written it is a pleasure to read. All three columns. Every week. It’s amazing!

Poll shows President Obama's job approval at 46 percent pointing down. He in turn points at Republicans (holding up economic recovery), BP (oil spill), and Arizona (immigration reform law).

I’m so sick of the Arizona Republic. There isn’t so much as a feeble attempt to hide their blatant pro-illegal immigrant position that bleeds onto the pages of their “news” stories and features. They must have fired or laid off all of the employees who used their brains.

The Cave Creek town council budgets for 2009-10 and 2010-11 total $65.8 million, or about $30,000 per household. Won't residents be surprised when they learn Walmart is contributing less than $0.5 million in annual sales tax revenue and voters are asked to approve a permanent property tax! The town should change its name to Scottsdale Wannabe.

Although I kind of like the sandwich board signs around town, there are those who choose to abuse and in doing so offend, at least in my view. The Silver Spur has gone over the top.

The letter to the editor “Is it now normal to be abnormal” in the June 30 issue begs another question. Is it possible that when we exhibited unacceptable or troubling behavior we were parented? Disciplined rather than diagnosed?

I was back in Milwaukee when this lump threatened Arizona and the Milwaukee blowback against her and her cohorts was astounding. The Milwaukee paper blog was running about 100 to 1 against her and the residents questioned why she's making $56,000 and why they need so many supervisors? All of a sudden the supervisors and this lump who barely got through high school with a GED went silent. Footnote: She's Mexican/American and has a Mexican Flag on her desk.

Linda Christensen’s letter about living in Cave Creek is a good reminder for all of us who live here to appreciate our community.

Internet porn sites are reportedly close to having their own .xxx web address. Why isn't Cave Creek/Carefree close to having its own strip club? Such a club would benefit the area financially and eliminate tedious drives to Phoenix.

I agree with Bill Crawford. Build the fence on our Southern border. It worked for the Chinese.

The July 3rd Fireworks display was amazing. Dan Nelson and his crew did an incredible job of creating the show. The performance was absolutely breath-taking at times. The oohs and aahs were interrupted only the inevitable car alarms. Kudos to the business community for stepping up to ensure the tradition continues.

As soon as Obama returns to wherever he came from we can get back to the business of being Americans in America.

Due to his continuous gaffes, blunders and open incompetence V.P Joe Biden suffers a never ending attack of jokes, jabs and insults. I thought I would come to his defense by pointing out some of his outstanding qualities and accomplishments.

If I hear the phrase “comprehensive immigration reform” one more time I will not be held responsible … SB 1070 is not going away. Reform is what is needed in Washington, not Arizona. We have elections coming up that will allow change in Congress, the kind of change real Americans expect.

The Fourth of July celebration in Cave Creek was awesome. We came to town early so we had time to wander and eat. We loved the fireworks show! It has become a family tradition for us and we appreciate that it continues despite the economy.

I think you can relax about Nancy Barto now that we know her true colors. She’s on the dark side. I wonder if she took lessons from Obama on how to avoid doing your job by voting “present” rather than representing your constituents.