JUNE 23 – 29, 2010

Your View

It seems like Cave Creek is filling up with signs. It’s gotten to the point where it’s pollution. There was all that uprising about political signs and instead we have 9,000 signs covering every inch of town. It is very offensive and just seems like sign pollution. I hope someone can figure out a good way to conquer that. It makes the town look so cheap.

We have so many things to be thankful for in this country. Obama is not one of them.

Sonoran News website looks better every week! Keep up the great job!

So happy to see Marg Nelssen is going to fill her husband Tony’s seat on the Scottsdale City Council. There is no one else who could possibly do the job. She is the one and only. If she is willing to consider it, the council should try to secure her in the seat going forward. She is extremely bright, passionate and full of energy. The city will need to allow her time to grieve, but then they’d better sit back and watch out for Marg!

Is there anyone else out there that thinks Henry Waxman (Marxist/CA) looks like a combination of the Mad Hatter and Frances the Talking Mule?

Obama continues to trash the American way of life – the fabric of our culture. He disrespects our wishes as a people and is hell bent on his own agenda. What will it take to impeach him?

Former Carefree Mayor Huber S. Stevens is a candidate for precinct 7 committeeman at the primary election on Aug. 24. Voters should know that he insisted on issuing 15-year non-callable 7 percent water bonds that resulted in outrageous water rates for the town-owned Carefree Water Co.

I heard a speech by Rev. Manning today. A friend sent me a link. His message is true, but his style is disingenuous. When you see and hear him, he begs to be discredited and yet he is too credible for that treatment. He is as serious as he can be and yet he comes off as a lunatic. We must find a way to preserve his message and get it to Washington before it’s too late.

I haven’t heard anything about the 3rd or the 4th of July fireworks in Cave Creek. With the Town of Cave Creek in a critical financial situation and the Chamber trying to reinvent itself with mostly members who don’t live in Cave Creek, what will become of our town’s Independence Day celebrations?

The period of time between now and the primary election is painful. Political campaign efforts run rampant. Mud and dirt are thrown back and forth. Such filth we normally see only in the barn yard.

Father’s Day is not what it used to be. Dads used to be served breakfast in bed (whether they wanted it or not). Golf or fishing was on tap for anyone who wanted to join. Barbeque grills were fired up to cook all manner of taste sensations – all across the nation. What? Now we are too busy to stop and honor Dad???

Are all politicians dishonest or do they just sound like they are? Once elected most seem only to be concerned about staying in their seats rather than doing the job they were elected to do. McCain is a classic example. John, thank you for your service to our nation. Please move on to whatever you are now being called to do at home. There must be something.

I know Memorial Day has passed, but on Father’s Day and all other family occasions we need to remember the service men and women who are away from their families, many in harm’s way. They and their families need our continuing support.

I had an opportunity to hear J.D. Hayworth speak. He is passionate, honest to a fault and has his facts straight. This is a man we can count on. How do we ensure he wins in the fall election? Maybe if we all tell as many people as we can – to find an opportunity to hear him – and tell as many others of like mind as we can find.

I heard a good one the other day: The next oil leak will be plugged with [Janet Napolitano]. I could go on, but then what would you do for fun? Fill in your favorite substitutions. Pelosi comes to mind.

Arizonans are still waiting for the border fence to be constructed. We’re no longer able to be patient or reasonable. We’re just cranky. Get it done. Send RFPs out, pick the best three, give them each a stretch of the border and let them loose.

Someone suggested each Arizona resident need only show their drivers license in order to get a discount on summer golf rates – anywhere in Arizona. If applied to water parks, movies, hotels, etc. we might ramp up the local economy all by ourselves.

As the illegal immigrants leave Arizona, the state budget woes will become less intense, the jobless rate will go down, wait times in emergency rooms will be much shorter and our children will be able to learn at their own pace rather than being held up by ESL students. We won’t be paying for nearly as many free student breakfasts. School budgets will shrink due to lack of need for special programs designed for anchor babies and children of illegals.