Political Oil Spill: Jan Brewer’s link to McCain and Woods cannot be absorbed

Forrest Gump’s mother was spot-on when she told him “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Another parallel could be “life is like a box of Crackerjacks – there’s a prize (or surprise) in every box.”

I have been sitting in the Jan Brewer cheering section for over four years, since she (as Secretary of State) editorially went after Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Terry Goddard for kibitzing on Arizona Proposition 200’s implementation. Although the signing of SB 1070 on April 23 this year could be considered the duty of any responsible Arizona governor, I was twirling the pompoms anyway.

I didn’t even groan when Joe Arpaio passed on the governorship, which he richly deserved and only declined because he knew the treasonous and tainted Maricopa County Board of Supervisors would replace him with a Vicente Fox, Rick Romley, or Phil Gordon clone.

After years of pro-illegal posturing by the what-is-it (?) governor Janet Napolitano, Jan Brewer has been a breath of fresh air – or as J.D. Hayworth puts it: Aqua Velva free. But Brewer has sent signals over the past few months that she is in fact an imposter, and not a savior here to end the reign of terror perpetrated by the criminal U.S. federal government/Mexico coalition.

Her endorsement of John McCain for reelection would suggest that the signing of SB 1070 might just be a stunt to trigger ‘comprehensive immigration reform’, something McCain wants more than life itself. While CIR will give Americans two unsustainable choices (criminal imports from Mexico to arrest, jail, doctor, and feed OR non-criminal imports from Mexico to house, doctor, and feed), McCain can leave his heirs an unending bonanza of profits via Bud Light sales to hoards of newly legalized consumers. Something in this unholy mutual admiration between Brewer and McCain is rotten and stinking.

If this signal isn’t enough, one would have the look at Brewer’s choice of election campaign co-chairman: the all-time Arizona pro-illegal slime ball Grant Woods.

Back in 2004, McCain and Woods were on the forefront of the attempt to defeat Arizona Proposition 200. Cheap-labor dollars hastily assembled by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce were handed over to Woods to spearhead Prop 200 opposition. Their primary M.O. was to brainwash the state through the magic of television.

The ads were a total assault on the intelligence of Arizona voters. They depicted actors dressed up like police and firemen begging the public to vote NO on 200 because they could "not put out a fire" or "stop a crime" WITHOUT checking citizenship – absolute total lies! This unprecedented campaign of fabricated fear cut support on Prop 200 from 80 plus percent to an election day 57 percent. The oil slick of vermin behind this ploy bragged after the election that if they started their campaign earlier, they would have defeated Prop 200.

Oddly, former Arizona Attorney General Woods was a convicted criminal – nailed for breaking U.S. immigration laws by harboring and employing a known illegal alien. Of course, the Arizona Bar Association was just fine with that, allowing him to retain his law license and pursue such wonderful causes like prosecuting U.S. border patrol agents.
Have McCain and Woods changed their stripes you might ask? A June 9, 2010 quote by Woods in the Washington Post answers half of this question: “There are some states that are pretty much lily-white. That’s not our state,” Woods said. “To be an Arizonan is to be a part of Mexico.”

After Arizonans proved that they are NOT idiots and passed Proposition 200 back in 2004, McCain set his sights on two things: the white house and amnesty. Now in the old history books, McCain’s double-failure have caused him to lie through what’s left of his teeth to be returned to Washington next January. Anybody with half a brain realizes he is out to reverse at least one of his failures, and it isn’t the white house.

By her recent public association with these two carpetbaggers, Jan Brewer has steered her ship aground and is fouling the Arizona landscape with sticky, smelly, political crude. While most politically aware Arizonans cannot absorb the cause for this ‘strange bedfellow’ political disaster, there are many who want to look away and ignore it. God knows the media has set the example to follow.

By now the people of Arizona should realize that the presence of doubt means the presence of political cancer. Did Brewer sign SB 1070 because it had 70 percent support of the state, giving her a pre-election boost? Did Brewer sign SB 1070 because it would explode into a frenzied call for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ (amnesty)? Did Brewer negotiate trade offs with John McCain and Grant (criminal) Woods for political capital?
We have less than 60 days to find out.

Greg Farley | Phoenix


Federal Government unprepared for disaster

Our federal government under two administrations has dropped the ball with a major regional problem and unfortunately the Gulf oil spill debacle succeeded the hurricane Katrina debacle in the same region of the country. Where are FEMA and other government agencies when these problems occur?

The Gulf oil spill started on April 20, 2010. Louisiana asked for federal assistance within a few days, but the federal government did not start recognizing the seriousness of the problem until May 1, 2010. In late April, Louisiana asked the federal government (Army Corps of Engineers) for dredges to build protective sand berms on the coastline, but permission to build the berms was not provided until early June, which was too late to protect the coastline.

Approximately 150 boats equipped with oil skimmers are trying to siphon off the oil from the surface of the Gulf, but a thousand additional boats could be needed. Why isn’t the federal government demanding BP hire and outfit with skimmers additional boats that are available in the Gulf of Mexico? Why doesn’t the federal government make Navy and Coast Guard boats available? I believe they could be equipped with skimming equipment.

Someone mentioned the need to have large tankers on site to help suction up the surface oil. Why wasn’t BP required to provide the tankers? The U.S. merchant marine has ships on call for emergencies. The U.S. Navy has oilers (tankers).

Talks by President Obama, visits to the Gulf beaches by the administration, meetings with BP, restitution by BP, and the eventual cleanup of the ecological disaster will not stop the flow of oil from the leaking well. With all of our technology why haven’t we been able to figure out how to stop/contain the leak?

And why were oil companies allowed to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico without the installation of emergency remote control shut off systems? The systems are currently employed on foreign deep water oil wells.

The federal government, with all of its resources, continues to be unprepared to respond to and manage the resolution of major regional disasters.

Donald A. Moskowitz | Londonderry, New Hampshire


Stay out of my pocket and stay out of my garbage can

I apologize for being tardy in my response, but the article in the Sonoran online was only just brought to my attention. At issue is the vote to solicit "Requests for Proposal" with regard to trash collection. Why on earth is the Town Council attempting to dictate to the citizens of Cave Creek whom they may use to collect their garbage? Ostensibly, it is to save money. In the annals of time, when has the insertion of a government entity between a private citizen and a commercial enterprise ended in lower prices? Only when it is mandated upon everyone, including the unwilling or those who don't need the service (snowbirds), in order for the costs to be spread among more people.

Have we already forgotten what happened a few scant years ago when the town manager tried to broker an exclusive deal with Waste Management? They told all callers that recycling was now mandatory. Not only that, they attempted to raise their prices. It is the reason that my neighbors and I no longer use them. If any garbage collection company wants a monopoly in this town, do it the American way. Offer prices so low that no-one can refuse (no pun intended).

Washington D.C. constantly takes more of our money with the implication that they will spend it more wisely than we ever could, because we are not as smart as they.

To the Mayor and Council of Cave Creek, stay out of my pocket and stay out of my garbage can. Smaller government is better government. This argument also applies to fire protection, so disavow yourself of that notion, too.

Anyone who votes for increased intrusion into our lives will not only incur my wrath, they will also pay dearly in the next election, as I will campaign tirelessly against them.
Are we clear?

Gary Kiernan | Cave Creek


Illegal babies

Illegally entering the United States of America and giving birth to a child for the purpose of exploiting the financial recourses of a nation is nothing more than a fraudulent scheme. The 14th amendment was not designed to enable the mining of one country’s financial recourses by the citizens of another country, but that’s exactly what has happened in the current situation. People who demonstrate a propensity to break all laws by illegally entering into the United States, blatantly and profoundly live a life of lawlessness while taxing our recourses to depletion. These emergency financial reserves have served as a safety net for our own citizens, who fall upon hard times from time to time.

Should the precious gift of citizenship sought after by the entire World’s population of freedom seeking individuals really be the reward for the end result of a federal crime?

Bill Crawford | Scottsdale


Mencken’s Ghost

Kudos for your inclusion of Mencken in your publication.

Given the mania to “correctness” in your industry and our populus, it’s refreshing that you are willing to print Mencken’s comments on Americana that are so currently accurate.

Reactions from your readers will most likely validate Mencken’s commentary and provide yet more amusement for his followers.

D. McCullam | E-mail


School taxes

I have a question – if you live in Cave Creek and your kids go to school at Cave Creek Unified School – then I would assume as a homeowner you would pay school taxes for that area. OK. If you live in Scottsdale and your kids go to CCUSD, does the homeowners school taxes go to CCUSD or Scottsdale District?

I can't believe, that more people are upset with our school system up here.

How can we live in such an "elite" area and have one of the worst districts in Arizona.
If you could help me with the above question please. Forgive any grammar or spelling errors. I am a native to Arizona.

Natalie Byrne | E-mail


The pirates of Maricopa County

Was Privateering really eradicated by the end of the 18th Century? Or is it alive and thriving in the 21st Century?

A Privateer, as offered by David Cordingly an acclaimed expert on pirates, was an armed vessel, or the commander and crew of that vessel, which was licensed to attack and seize the vessels of a hostile nation. The license was issued in the form of a document known as a "letter of marque and reprisal"

Originally, the document was granted to the merchant whose ship or cargo had been stolen or destroyed to seek reprisals by attacking the enemy and recouping his losses. But like most licenses issued by Countries, States or local authorities even in the 18th Century, the concept of the license expanded beyond its original intent and was being used as a cheap way of attacking whoever was their enemy of the day or time. By issuing "letters of marque" to private ships, the sovereign was saved the cost of building and maintaining a large standing navy.

The privateer captain was expected to keep a journal and hand over all ships and goods seized to a Court to be assessed and valued. A portion of the value went to the sovereign; the rest went to the ship's owners, her captain and crew.

In theory an authorized privateer was recognized by international law and could not be prosecuted for piracy. In practice the system was wide-open to abuse and the privateers were often no more than licensed pirates.

So, let’s fast-forward to 2010 and instead of using words such as sovereigns, captains, crews, pirates, “letters of marquee" and reprisals let’s insert Board of Supervisors, County Managers, County Council members or Commissioners, County Attorneys and Code Violations.

Anybody else see a correlation? If it acts like a pirate, if it sounds like a pirate and talks like a pirate ... it’s a pirate. Arrrrrrgggggggg ...!

G. Compton | Scottsdale


Iran Sanctions

Before Iran goes nuclear, we have to take action. Both the UN Security Council and the European Union (EU) have approved sanctions against Iran in an effort to convince the Islamic Republic to abandon its nuclear enrichment activities.

But the new sanctions fall short of the tough sanctions that President Obama promised. The United States can and must do more. Congress must act. The President was to approve the legislation. No Nukes for Iran.

Andrew Beran | Scottsdale


U.N. Security

Please don’t ease the sanctions against Iran.

Jacky Sebag | Scottsdale



Iran's president is nothing but another Hitler. Let the world not repeat Chamberlain's mistake!

Bracha Etgar | Scottsdale


Cave Creek is unkept

I love Cave Creek and what it stands for, but when I drive left on Cave Creek Road from Tom Darlington you see the nice landscaped median in the middle that divides the road in Carefree, then you enter the town of Cave Creek from start to finish, the ENTIRE median through town is a mess and ugly. It's unkept with weeds and just dirt. Doesn't anybody see this and doesn't anybody care?? This significantly to me says something about this town, as it may with out of towners, that we don't care how unkept and unattractive it is.

A themed town is one thing but we're trying to bring people in, and revenue, and appearances matter!

It shows we care and take pride!

What does the city council think?

Janet Kelly | Cave Creek

Editor’s note: Come to the next council meeting and ask them. In the meanwhile think about the Cave Creek Merchants Chamber of Commerce whose Cave Creek slogan is “Perfectly Uncivilized.”


Great article

I received a copy of your school newspaper in the mail today. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and good hearty laugh. Your front-page headline about some church in Harlem holding a "trial" against Obama and Columbia University was pure hilarity. The initial tone implying that this was a serious "news" story about a real trial in a sanctioned U.S. court really piqued my attention, but you let the cat out of the bag when you described how they just pulled a church-goer out of the audience to be "judge." I love to go to church plays. I wish they would hold one here locally.

Anyway, keep up the good work. You almost got me there and it wasn't even April 1st. Wow, talk about a kangaroo court ;o)

Chuck LaBarbera | E-mail