BY PETE MOHR | JUNE 23, 2010

Princeton-bound Kelsey Janke: ’09-’10 Girls ‘Athlete Of The Year’

kelsey janke‘Don’t hit it to #5!

CSHS – About the midpoint of her junior season, I settled into what became sort of a postgame congratulatory ritual with volleyball defensive specialist and “libero” (a “super” defensive specialist) Kelsey Janke. After she and her teammates had finished taking down the net and supporting poles, I would greet her, “Don’t hit it to #5!” She would smile, almost sheepishly, then quietly respond, “Thanks, Pete.” Keep reading ...

BY PETE MOHR | JUNE 23, 2010

Falcons “learn” at San Diego


On the surface, the “Seven-on-Seven” Falcons’ 2-4 mark at last weekend’s “Passing League Tournament” (San Diego State) might seem a discouraging learning experience, but it wasn’t. “We’re definitely getting better,” Head Coach Chad DeGrenier to Sonoran News. “We learning how to communicate and be leaders. Our four losses were each by one possession, two of them on last plays. Photo-nominated by Coach DeGrenier for their defensive play were (l-r) rising seniors Max Gersh (safety) and Joree Schneider (corner) and sophomore Matt Hartlen (corner). “The Sevens” will play at Brophy this Friday (5:30 p.m.) and Saturday (all day), the last weekend of PLTs.