JUNE 9 – 15, 2010

Your View

When one considers the vindictive nature of publications written by Lyn Hitchon, spread by herself and a few other damaged souls of similar mind, 2,000 year old wisdom from Plato comes to mind. "Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools because they have to say something."

Watching the pillar-to-post, ping-ponging, duck and hide, blame someone else actions of the Obama "administration" brings back memories of a TV program from years gone by. Mostly it reminds me of Amos and Andy with Obama as the "Kingfish" but without the talent or common sense.

I was thinking about the cute little dolls with the springy heads known as "bobbleheads.” If you had them made with Obama’s likeness shouldn't they be marketed as BOOB-el heads? Yes, I believe that sounds right.

Carefree's town council is studying a proposal whereby households would be required by local ordinance to pay for town-sponsored trash and recycling pickups, whether or not they want to. Because the fee is not a tax, there would be no tax deduction to subscribers. There would be no provision in the ordinance for a penalty for non-compliance, so everyone would be free to ignore the law. This latest scheme rivals Cave Creek's forgotten plan to import bighorn sheep into the area. Is there no end to goofy council ideas?

I have sent off a sizable (for me) check to show my appreciation for your excellent newspaper and I will continue that as long as I am employed. I have yet to disagree with your editorials and rarely disagree with the letters or Your Views. It is nice to live in a town where a watchdog is keeping government honest. I was raised in the Midwest like you and it is fascinating how your youthful experiences with parents, teachers, family and friends mold you a certain way. I am so glad my parents spent their lives in Illinois but that was then and not now. Keep on being yourselves.

Your online edition was excellent and it is amazing how long articles are when you don’t have to print. Not that I don’t love print, I do, but I spend hours working on my PC and can’t avoid the temptation of sneaking over to SonoranNews.com.

I couldn’t agree more. If our president had nothing to hide he would be an open book rather than hiding all of the things we have a right to know. I really believe he is an imposter but I fear what it will take to remove him. Based on how high level military officers rolled over on “don’t ask, don’t tell,” we won’t have a South America style revolution by the military; so who will do it?

Surely amongst your reading there must be a few novels and other books? Editor note: My editorial wasn’t meant to mean that is all I read. Yes, I read novels, metaphysics, spirituality, history, biographies, autobiographies, etc.

J. Matt Barber’s guest editorial was well done. He navigated himself through thickets where he was in danger of being assaulted as homophobic, if not worse, but he made good and telling points. Elena Kagan is a lousy choice for the Supreme Court or lesser courts. She is, to put it simply, a liberal ideologue who has no place in a position where she can influence anybody about anything. But did you expect any less from Barry, whoever he is?

I saw your “Vote for J.D” in last week’s editorial. I agree with that and wish I had enough money to help. McCain is gaining day by day with lies, big lies! People, do you believe he will vote like a real conservative? Get serious! He is lying to get reelected. If he gets in he will have six years, doubtless his swan song, and what does he care about an election six years from now? He will vote for AMNESTY, yes he will, it is built in. And he will cross the aisle and give us more Democrat laws. Give J.D a chance. My dog would be better than McCain. My cat, too.

It is now hot and getting hotter. I hope pet owners recognize the dangers to their pets – don’t leave them in your car (or truck) at all! And don’t expect them to run beside you on asphalt without burning their paws. Also if you leave them home all day be sure the air conditioning in on for them. Remember if they are little, coyotes, bobcats and owls consider them prey. If yours are delights of your life like mine are you will do that and more.

I am a United States citizen and I hope should I decide to commit a crime that I get a free pass like the 12 million aliens are being given now.

I appreciate the fact Sonoran News recognizes that Prop. 100, the 18 percent tax increase, can be worked around. I have found numerous methods and would write a column for you but we would both wind up in jail. It is amazing how many sellers are willing to forget or forgive the new tax. I am careful to do as much online as I can and I reserve big purchases for my regular trips out of state. Just so the bureaucrats know we subjects aren’t as stupid as they think. And I will not vote for Jan Brewer; once burned twice learned!

The Ringling Bros. Circus will be at US Airways Center June 23 – 27. Locally the next Carefree Town Council circus is scheduled for July 6 at 5 p.m. unless the mayor ignores the town ordinance and picks a different day or time.