Don Sorchych My ViewJUNE 9, 2010

Shadegg’s vacancy
Barto’s voting record


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The election season is well underway. You can tell by the campaign signs and bitter partisanship that results in downed and damaged signs.

If you drive Spur Cross Road daily as I do you can see what I am talking about. First there was a Jim Waring sign just north of Grapevine with a orange town violation sticker on it. Waring and 13 others, at last count, are running for John Shadegg’s congressional seat. Someone complained to Town Marshal Adam Stein that the sign was a traffic hazard, He agreed and asked the sponsor of the sign to move it further from the road.

At the intersection of Fleming Springs and School House roads a Waring sign was down but later was erected with a square hole where “Jim” had been.

Not to be outdone, someone not only downed, but crinkled and damaged three new Quayle/Congress signs. The sign just north of the Spur Cross and Fleming Springs Roads intersection was folded and refolded into a three by three foot mess and placed with rocks on top in the horse trail.

Nasty and illegal stuff!

If you drive Tatum Road south of Cave Creek Road you will see side by side signs for John McCain and Jim Waring. No surprise there since Waring once labored in McCain’s office as one of the McCain sycophants. To be a McCain aide meant undying loyalty and yes sirs.

Waring has since attached himself firmly to McCain’s coattails and McCain has obliged with contributions to Waring’s losing battle for Congress. As of May, Waring raised $79,161, while Quayle raised $548, 959, almost seven times as much as Waring. McCain gave Waring’s campaign $2,400.

Shadegg’s seat in Congress attracted 14 people. There are four who have raised no money, but hope springs eternal, I guess.

It amazes me that the Arizona Republic thinks it is a race between Waring and Vernon Parker, the ex-mayor of Paradise Valley. Parker raised $202,984 against Waring’s $79,161.
But Quayle raised 2.7 times as much as Parker.

Parker got early strength when he hired the Rose & Allen Public Relations group. They are heavy hitters who know how to raise money and give substance to know-nothings like Parker. The Rose & Allen PR group and the Rose Law Group also gave a total of $5,552 to Parker’s campaign.

If you want to know more about Parker, Google him and especially note his intent to sue the Small Business Administration over what is on the record when Parker was employed by the Agriculture Department.

One of the 14 running for the congressional seat believes Quayle will win. He said Quayle has the money, name recognition and charisma to win. Let’s hope he does and not Waring or Parker. Any of the rest are better than those two.

Barto’s record
The race for state Senate in our LD-7 voting district involves current House incumbents Ray Barnes and Nancy Barto. Barnes is term limited and was promised by Nancy Barto she would respect his seniority and not run against him.

However, Barto slyly gathered 13 proxies and got on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors agenda along with Barnes and Ed Bunch for a appointment to Waring’s vacant seat.

I imagine Barto’s chagrin when Bunch was appointed by the supervisors.

People with any moral standards would have patiently waited for two years to run for the Senate. She already said she would step aside for Barnes.

She didn’t and, in running against Barnes, Barto has played for sympathy as a churchy woman, one devoted to life. How about to basic honesty?

She has also adopted some faith-based nutcase philosophy that we should do nothing to offend illegal aliens. They are criminals and don’t belong here. Period.

Do churchy people have vendettas?

Why did Barto push frantically for HB 2154 a bill which would have royally screwed every Arizonan sharing an easement on private roads, if she was such a moral person? Was she angered by the fact we had printed her escapades? Tut, tut! Christians don’t get angry, do they? I have nothing against Christians, only people who act as if they were and aren’t.

Linda Bentley published an article titled, “Backlash over Barto’s ‘silent protest’ of anti-sanctuary bill.” In that article Bentley has torn apart and exposed Barto’s voting, or lack of voting, record. And if she is a conservative I am a socialist. Details are so plentiful that we will make it available as a link and republish it in our next printed edition.

Bentley’s article ends with, “In conclusion, The Arizona Conservative stated, ‘Arizona has a shameful history of legislators – gutless wonders – hiding in bathrooms, hiding under desks and refusing to cast votes. It will be a shame if Barto, or any other elected official, is selected to serve the voters and refuses to vote on bills again. We do not elect people to office to sit on their hands.’”

“Since then” wrote Bentley, “‘voting present’ and not voting have become the hallmark of Barto’s legislative career as she considers a run for the Senate.”

There is no way Barto couldn’t have known I had a long and expensive lawsuit with my neighbor and that I had won twice before he appealed. Yet she was willing to sacrifice thousands of people living on private roads to give a victory to her supporter. The fact she offered to make her bill active in only Cave Creek clearly demonstrates her vendetta. It may also show stupidity since what she suggested may be illegal, depending on proposed language.

I started this editorial about sneaky and reprehensible destruction of political signs.
I told you about a “meet and greet” at a neighbor’s house presumably in payment for Barto’s attempt to make private roads into a trap for the unwary.

For a candidate to pimp for a “client” including accepting funding is the opposite of what we expect from our “public servants.” Clearly Barto went all out for HB 2154 a bill that only benefits bullies who want to do whatever they want with guaranteed payment from neighbors. What is American about that?

The stealing of political signs stems from the same source, bullying the public.

Stay tuned, as Barto is fond of saying.