Your View | May 12 - May 18, 2010

I think Ned Dobak was lucky. I wouldn't want mouth to mouth from Hitchon either.

Where were the "Queens of Civility" Vanik and Margaret Stewart when Miller and Schwan were brow beating their fellow council members? Looks like they pick and choose when to get their knickers in a twist.

Is the U.S. Code unconstitutional? U.S. Code Title 8 Chapter 12 Subchapter II Part VIII § 1325, Improper entry by alien, Title 8 Chapter 12 Subchapter II Part VIII § 1324a, Unlawful employment of aliens. We do not need immigration reform. What we need is immigration enforcement. Enforce the law.

We should treat immigrants like Mexico does: At present, Article 67 of Mexico's Population Law says, "Authorities, whether federal, state or municipal ... are required to demand that foreigners prove their legal presence in the country, before attending to any issues." That would simplify things.

When did Glenn Miller become a stickler for the rules? He ignored all the rules in the bidding process for his alcoholic buddy (I forget his name).

It looks like Schwan's Napoleon Complex is showing.

It would appear we can thank Gemmill's whining for the Porsche Club not coming to Carefree. Great marketing skills, Bob.

I was sorry to see that you had given front page notice or publication to the Fluffy Bunny Crew with a picture of graffiti on a wall but you really can’t tell what it is. The picture did not project what is on the wall. These kids don’t need any publicity and putting them on the front page of Sonoran News I think was a poor decision. However I will cut this picture out and distribute it to my neighborhood watch group. We are having trouble with the same thing in our neighborhood, which is in Tatum Ranch. I think it’s good to be informed about what these kids are doing and what is being done to combat them in the best possible way. That’s my opinion.

I’m really, really thankful that new bill on illegal immigration passed and I’ll tell you if the Hispanic populations that are legal have a brain in their head they’d back this plan too because it sheds a bad light on them to think they are not for only legal people. If they don’t like it then maybe they need to go and the illegals go too.

Other than vague sound bites on TV, is Buz Mills real?? How can we learn about his platform and how he plans to get Arizona out of this Napolitano mess?

It appears Cave Creek’s financial wisdom ruled in the strange case of combining courts. I simply cannot imagine Creekers doing anything but referring that one if they thought they’d have to appear in Carefree court.

The Republican Party needs to rally around the strongest candidate available in order to unseat McCain. It is vital it remain in Republican hands and splitting the vote is a good way to lose the seat. Will you have a candidate forum? I know you do for local council candidates.

Don’t get sucked in to another “it will go away in three years” sales tax being promoted as Proposition 100. Unless you just arrived from another planet you know sales taxes never go away. Every single business and family and government entity has to do with less. You can tell from the donor list who will have both hands out if it passes. If there was some way to undo what Napolitano did as far as spending goes, then see if the budget can be balanced another way – start pre-Nappy and go from there.

Good editorial this week, Don. When I saw the Saturday Repulsive I though maybe they were going to get off the back of SB 1070 because it did not grace the front page, as it has since it was passed. Nope. Wrong. It just moved from the front page to Valley and State. Give it up. What is it about illegal you don’t get?

Both Russell Pearce and John Kavanaugh eloquently defend SB 1070, the bill they co-sponsored. These fine men should be held in highest esteem and revered for their bravery. Their detractors don’t have a leg to stand on intellectually, legally or any other way. So do they withdraw because they know they are wrong? No, they just turn the switch to emotion and run amok among us.

I still can’t believe DAMS will close. The Snooty Academies won’t hold the student numbers nor will they attract students. The CCUSD Board has committed an unspeakable sin against their students. Nothing will change for this losing district until they clean up their financial act.