Your View | May 5 - May 11, 2010

Greece's bonds downgraded to junk status while Harrisburg, PA examines possibility of bankruptcy filing. Will the town of Carefree be next? Wait! The mayor wants a property tax. Never mind.

Crime has come to Carefree. How is our do nothing mayor going to handle it? Wait ... maybe Glen Miller can turn in his fireman's hat for a police badge.

When you consider the rock thieves and now banks and businesses, Carefree has to be the fattest target in the state. We had a cop of sorts and the genius mayor laid him off. I don’t feel safe here and haven’t for a long time. So I am armed. I have a house alarm and my neighbors are clued in that I am on edge and ready to fight. In this town I suspect I am a single digit minority and that is why we are targeted.

I think Kiwanis advertising in other than the local paper is senseless and definitely political. I always gave them surplus stuff for their flea market but no more. I will either put things on consignment or advertise items in your paper. Pancake breakfast? Fuhgetaboutit! And we will contribute regularly to Sonoran News.

Appreciate the statistics about your circulation. I know you will be pleased that my next call will be to your advertising department.

Since Kiwanis is bragging about getting $2.5 million maybe the crooks should focus on them. I’ll bet they didn’t get that much from the National Bank of Arizona.

I’ll be leaving my winter home here to go to my summer home where I grew up in Wisconsin in just two weeks. Unlike my neighbors I am a spry 68 and spend a lot of time online so I will keep in touch through your website, which incidentally is fantastic. I hope you have success exposing the good old boys. Carefree would be a dream without those fools.

On April 1st Sonoran News ran an article on a new winery in Cave Creek whose grand opening was scheduled for this weekend. There was no address or contact information listed. Was that just an April Fools joke? I'm having trouble finding information.

I sure miss the weekly edition but I went to your rack to get a jump on Post Office delivery and the first thing I see is that the National Bank was robbed. Although I read the FBI is backing up MCSO, I bet no one gets caught. How long have the “Rock Burglars” been stealing from us without an arrest? Is our collective vision that bad? There is something wrong with this town and although I love my home I am giving serious thought to selling out in spite of the bad market and moving to a gated community.

I read about the Fluffy Bunny graffiti and have an idea. In the dark of the night I am going to spray on some walls where people drive by a message. How about, “Our law enforcement sucks!” Or “Come one come all we are ready to be picked clean.”

I saw Ned Dobek’s letter apologizing for (Lynn) Hitchon’s doctor husband. Ahem, didn’t know she had one. Isn’t it lovely how the GOBs stick together? Even at the point of death. If I went to med school and couldn’t administer CPR I would ask for my money back. But then I suppose he had other things on his mind. Snicker.

Like your readers I am so thankful for Gov. Brewer’s signing SB 1070. The federal government had since the failed President Reagan bill to do the same thing. Oh I forgot, they already had the equivalent of SB 1070 on their books and did absolutely nothing to enforce the law. And now Obama has the cheek to complain. Now let’s have the Birther Law and let’s see his birth certificate and other records. Bye bye illegals and don’t come back. Take Obama with you.

A little known fact ... The first testicular guard, the "Cup," was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first hockey helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for hockey men to realize that their brain is also important. Ladies ... Quit Laughing.

Arizona Repulsive headline reads, "Scottsdale raid nets 3 arrests, collection of drug." Maybe I could trade my matchbook collection for the drug collection?

So I see Marzano’s restaurant was hit with a burglary. Want to bet it is illegal aliens filling their poke before heading for the border? Thanks legislature and Governor, SB 1070 is way overdue. Be interesting to see if other states have the chutzpah ours does. If all states did it the federal government would show their incompetence again in a very big way.