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By Don Sorchych | May 5, 2010

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Don Sorchych

SB 1070

The buzz online and in the leftist Arizona Republic is all about SB 1070.  Of course in the Republic the Latino hate groups are in full cry supported by reporters in their illegal alien loving prejudice.

It becomes more obvious that the legislature and the governor were right on since they are being assaulted by racist La Raza, MALDEF and “activists’ like Al Sharpton, Obama’s advisor and big league liar.

Sharpton, by the way, has stated that lots of blacks are against amnesty which is Obama’s and John McCain’s next step. A flood, somewhere between 12 and 30 million illegal aliens, would be granted citizenship and assure a Democrat administration, and therefore socialism forever or at least until the inevitable revolution.

canfiekd editorial cartoon
But along the way the Democrats will try to disarm us. I say try, because every despot like Obama learned from Stalin and Hitler that disarmament is the first step to defang citizens.
The expression “out of my cold dead hands’ is not empty American rhetoric. We mean it and maybe attempts to disarm will start a revolution.

SB 1070 is act of a patriotic majority in our legislature and also Governor Jan Brewer and they deserve praise and more. Senator Russell Pearce has served this state in many capacities. A MCSO Chief Deputy for 23 years, the head of Arizona Motor Vehicle Division, Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, North Mesa Justice of the Peace and the National Guard.

Pearce served in the Arizona House of Representatives from 2001 until he was voted into the Senate in 2008.

It pains me to read the lies and assumptions in the media and online about him. He is called racist. He isn’t. He is called white supremist. He isn’t.

Pearce simply modeled a bill after the federal law, which was unenforced and made the law active here, for our law enforcement.  Federal inaction is about politics and votes and the gutless people we put in Washington lied to us repeatedly about border closure as they had no intention of doing anything.

John McCain is one of the worst with his serpent tongue and in spite of scary poll numbers I hope J.D Hayworth will prevail. Don’t trust anything McCain says, he only wants to be reelected. He is a loser!

Don’t forget Ronald Reagan signed what was to be the last amnesty bill while hordes of D.C. politicians had no intention of closing the border. So they didn’t.

Don’t forget John McCain was in the forefront of an amnesty program and only reluctantly said he would vote to close the border. He lied there too and is trying again - to be reelected.

Acting as a dictator, as usual, Obama is threatening the state, while amnesty advocates are trying global boycotts. Activists conveniently speak of an immigration problem, conveniently leaving the illegal part out.

It was instructive to watch the debate between Pearce and the Pima County Public Defender Isabel Garcia. Garcia belongs in Mexico since all her passion lays there and she certainly shouldn’t be a county paid prosecutor. She is favorable to Atzlan and Reconquista.
In her debate with Pearce she would not use the term illegal even though Pearce did throughout the debate. SB 1070 is only based on illegal immigration.

This state doesn’t lack liberal writers. Arizona Republic apparently slants their hiring needs to reflect the liberal view. Even worse is the Phoenix New Times, notably liberal. They have targeted Joe Arpaio and Russell Pearce for years. The Phoenix magazine hosts Jana Boomersbeck, an excellent writer but with a decided leftist tilt and a propensity for attacking people this newspaper supports.

In all the hoopla, mostly by illegal aliens or hopeless liberals why aren’t people reading the polls? Governor Janice Brewer got a 15 percent poll lift when she signed SB 1070 and now 70 percent in competent surveys support the bill. Eight states are considering similar or the same law. Once in a while the majority should govern so vote out the scoundrels in Washington.

The Governor has a good shot at remaining in her office and would have a lock on it if she hadn’t insisted on the so-called three year tax of an 18 percent increase. Taxes don’t go away. Even now there are those in Cave Creek asserting the desire to continue the property tax which is supporting the Spur Cross Ranch purchase.

Taxes deflate the economy and that is not what Arizona needs. Many trading partners, for example, have no capital gains tax. Ours is 20 percent and is slated to go up. This is not a rich mans tax but benefits anyone who buys and sells if it were repealed.
That in turn would lift the economy faster than any government action would.

There is a lot we can do as citizens. An email or letter to the governor and Russell Pearce would help their situation while they are being blasted by know nothings. Even some liberals and naturalized Hispanics are for the action that will be taken by SB 1070. Both Cave Creek and Carefree need adjustments in next year’s election. Carefree needs to get a new majority on council and give GOBs a boot.

I’ll believe Scottsdale is appropriately governed when they show the diversity department the exit from City Hall.

Phoenix needs a new mayor. He doesn’t read polls either and has gone over the deep end about SB 1070. You have to wonder if he read the bill or if he is just stupid. Vote him out.
For our county and state government vote out democrats and RINOs and get conservatives in office and in any case not Nancy Barto who decided to pimp for a supporter and left her ethics at home.

We’ll see how the vote goes for the new tax before we pick a governor.

2012 will be big. We must get Obama out of office. If you want to prove you aren’t a racist there are plenty of conservative blacks who would govern fairly. It is best though to be colorblind.