Your View | April 14 - 20, 2010

Arizona Repulsive headline reads, "Fence impales Phoenix girl in thigh." I happened to be there and saw the fence chase the girl.

Attorney General Goddard, running for governor, refuses to say in detail how he would balance the state budget. His experience as a political hack in state government would serve him well in higher office.

If DOCTOR Herbert Hitchon had moved any slower to assist the citizen having a heart attack at the council meeting, he would have been going backward. Nice to know that he takes his Hippocratic oath so seriously.

The Fiesta Days Parade was such a great way to spend a Saturday morning. The equine community was totally supportive of the event as was the entire business community.

Carefree town council is proposing to meddle in trash pickup with a town-wide arrangement with payment still made by individual households. This idea was examined in detail several years ago and the council determined that the same result could be attained on an HOA level while preserving competition. This latest proposal would assure some giant company getting the contract on a low-ball bid, driving away small firms, then raising prices later on when there would be no competition. No thanks to yet another goofy scheme cooked up by the nitwit council.

Just a few months ago Mayor Schwan chastised those that were predicting a 20% decrease in town revenue. Schwan said it was reckless to state those kinds of exaggerated numbers. Well the numbers are in and it’s a decrease of 26%. Another 3 months wasted in denial.

The DFCA group outdid themselves again this year. The Cave Creek community owes them a debt of gratitude for bringing to fruition another successful Fiesta Days weekend.

Thank God sanity prevailed and the idea of combining courts was put off until fall. It would have better if it had been scuttled since it was another Carefree attempt to get into Cave Creek’s pants, a virus that is persistent among the majority of elected officials.

It was interesting to read that Carefree Marshal Farmer didn’t care he was terminated since he considered his position a “retirement job.” I don’t know where the town got chairs strong enough to hold his bulk. I guess weight gain goes along with retirement – at least the kind the town accepted from its marshal. Would Sonoran News tell us what dimwit hired him?

I was a Traynor supporter in the recent recall election and I am still angry that the population at large, both nationally and in Carefree are susceptible to spin. Nationally we have an unbelievably inept president thanks to the voting population accepting what the candidate read off his ever present tele-prompters. In Carefree people accepted what GOBs said about town finances. They lied and now we know when Schwan is panicing since the shortages should have been dealt with long ago rather than whistling past the grave yard to remain in office.

I hope Dr. Bullington’s demands for a development agreement with Walmart doesn’t slow down the development of the store like the referendum did. If I understand the process of condemnation there will be a delay of some kind. Walmart can’t come soon enough if you don’t have a water well of your own. Cave Creek water prices have carved a huge chunk out of my limited income.

I read Linda Bentley’s article about Roscoe in your online edition and I hope you put it in your next paper edition. Everybody should know what is out there in terms of outright law breaking and animal cruelty. For those who haven’t read the story, Roscoe was tempted by rotting cow guts, got caught in a leg hold trap and apparently was shot by the trapper. This is outrageous and fortunately MCSO has weighed in so the perpetrator will have his day in court. I don’t know if I can speak there but I will be in the court hearings no matter where they are.

Nike really got its tit in a wringer this time by sponsoring a commercial with Tiger Woods' late father's off-camera voice, advising Tiger to "do the right, moral thing." Never mind that Earl Woods was a serial adulterer, and died in the arms of one of his mistresses.

Nice to see that Carefree Council-woman/Kiwanis President Vanik is using the Tonto Grill for the Kiwanis breakfast. I guess she figures no one in Carefree knows how to make a pancake.

Obama has failed to revive the economy. We'll borrow more money then anybody in history and spend it, give it to doctors, call it health care, that I'll fix everything, its a stimulus, just give it a chance. That's insane!!! Or maybe we'll all do that, borrow more money then anybody and spend it! Yea, yea that's real crazy.