Water emergency

July 31, 2023 — The water distribution emergency at the Town of Cave Creek on Friday, July 28, 2023, has been resolved thanks to around-the-clock efforts by water utility staff and contractors.

The problems were initially caused by a surge that damaged a pump on our Central Arizona Project water pipeline, as a result, the Town had to pump water at a reduced rate of flow to our water treatment plant. Other problematic issues followed, involving pumps and motors. After repairs were conducted, full water service to our customers in Cave Creek and Desert Hills is now back to normal.

We appreciate our customers adhering to the Town’s electronic communications messages to reduce their water usage as much as possible until repairs were completed, and water reservoirs brought back to optimum levels.

Extraordinary thanks once again to the Cave Creek Water Utility crew, support staff, and water customers throughout Cave Creek and Desert Hills.

All updates and further information can be found on the Town’s website: https://CaveCreekAZ.gov/.

To receive emergency alert emails/texts, please sign up to be notified through our CodeRed Emergency Notification Alert system at: https://www.CaveCreekAZ.gov/CodeRed and ensure that our Utility Billing Department has your current contact information at: https://www.CaveCreekAZ.gov/Billing-Contact.