Young women find great satisfaction serving as museum volunteers

(l to r): Sierra Lewis and Mia Quenzler

Two local teenagers who have become volunteers at the Cave Creek Museum say they can’t get enough of the experience.

Mia Quenzler, 15 years old, and Sierra Lewis, 16 years old, began serving the museum this year and love the fulfillment that volunteering provides their souls.

Quenzler currently serves as a docent (a museum volunteer who shares the museum’s exhibits and history with visitors) for the museum.

“I was part of Key Club and was looking for a long-term volunteer opportunity,” says Quenzler. “During a presentation, I met the museum’s executive director Evelyn Johnson who invited me to visit Cave Creek Museum. I began spending volunteer hours as a docent and things have just opened up and expanded from there.”

Originally, Quenzler wanted to earn some community hours but says now, it has become so fun that she enjoys spending time learning and sharing.

“I like it because you get to learn so much and talk to all kinds of people,” she adds.

Lewis became a museum volunteer a different way.
“I received an internship to help the museum with its many administrative duties this summer,” says Lewis. “Some kids just take the required volunteer hours needed and quit volunteering afterwards but that’s not me. I volunteered at the library for a while prior, but wanted to intern and serve more, which is why I came to the museum.”
Lewis says she enjoys interning and picks something every summer to do with her spare time.

“I have always been involved in the community I love giving back,” says Lewis. “I am learning behind the scenes details and am compiling numerous volunteer hours. I even polished silverware the other day and it was fun!”
Quenzler says she is going to be at the museum for some time into the future. She worked on her school’s paper and soon will be writing for the museum’s communication entitled Nuggets. She is cited to expand her journalistic skills. Lewis hopes to pop in to the museum from time to time after her internship and help more after summer – once she has her college applications taken care of.

Both ladies agree that the museum always has a list of important things that need to be accomplished and they’re eager to help. And, the pair looks forward to the many changes planned for the museum exhibits this summer. Because after all, learning how to lead and accomplish goals are life skills that matter.

The 52-year-old museum’s mission is to preserve the artifacts of the prehistory, history, culture and legacy of the Cave Creek Mining District and the Cave Creek/Carefree foothills area through education, research and interpretive exhibits. The Cave Creek Museum is located at 6140 E. Skyline Drive in Cave Creek, Ariz. Open October through May. The museum can be reached at 480.488.2764 or