When is enough, enough?

Carefree residents have spoken in historic numbers, loud and very clear.  Business as usual is over.  Water, or dwindling availability of water in the near future, must be the primary concern before considering any development.  The NYTimes Top story for June 2nd is, “Arizona Limits Construction Around Phoenix as Its Water Supply Dwindles.”  The message is very clear and sobering for everyone in the Phoenix metro area and surrounding to towns.  In an email this date, I wrote the following to the Carefree town council and staff:

“In light of imminent rising water prices for Carefree residents/businesses and CAP water restrictions, continuing to pursue additional water allocations for development of the 48 acres across from Sky Ranch is blatantly obscene.  Residents do not want that parcel developed and now the State/County may also have a say.

When will certain staff and members of the council begin to listen to residents for a change instead of special interests?  Get on with developing the NEC of CCR & CF Hwy.  End the useless delays and meddling from nearby residents/council members/ and HOAs.  You have the water.  What other excuses will be offered for the lack of economic development at that location?”
John Traynor