The fear campaign

It’s probably safe to say that, before moving to Carefree, hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) of residents have unfortunately experienced the insanity of never ending property taxes where they used to live. And one thing that all of us former property tax payers can attest to is the fact that property taxes, like buffelgrass in the Sonoran Desert, are noxious and invasive! 

The town of Carefree currently has a $16.5M budget surplus. Excess revenues have increased by $3M in each of the last two years. Carefree can contract for a 3rd fire engine or a 2nd ambulance tomorrow if they wanted to. The money is already there! Carefree can go to Automatic Aid tomorrow if safety is truly an issue. The money is already there! 

There is absolutely no reason to burden Carefree residents with a property tax when excess revenues are already growing by $3M per year. The fear campaign coming from Carefree politicians is wrong and despicable! 

Mike Davitt