Preservation is Progress!

Early in my campaign for a Cave Creek Council seat I promised to be transparent about the work I do for you as a Councilman. I am going to share what has come before me each quarter and I hope you ask about what you see here if you have questions.

Please remember that these are my opinions and reflections, and others on the Council may have different opinions!
My commitment as your Councilman is to vote in a supportive way on any reasonable issue that is reflective of the 2021 General Plan that was adopted as our guide for the next ten years.

This also means that I will not vote for incomplete proposals, or issues that are vague or narrowly defined to special interests.

As a Council we have been busy. What follows here is a list (random order and without great detail) of issues your Council has considered, and on which I have voted yes. I am happy to elaborate on these items if you have questions.
1 Focus on finishing our pedestrian safe trail system through and across Town
2 Increasing communication with the public through surveys and newsletters
3 Increasing parking in the Historic Town Core
4 Completing the Fire Station remodel
5 Restarting the Town paving plan
6 Completing the Phoenix water Interconnect
7 Greater funding for the Tourism bureau
8 Continuing the Local Landmarks program
9 Complete a review and refinement of our Ordinance system and alignment with the 2021 General Plan
10 Enhancement of the streetscapes in the Town core
11 Enforcement of the Town’s traffic laws and Ordinances
As a group your Council is carefully considering how we can make our Town a safer place. My goal is working to increase our governance in alignment with the actions identified in the 2021 General Plan.

As your Councilman I have some concerns. These are not complaints, but rather they are issues that I continue to ask questions about and reserve judgement on. Ask me or any Council person about these things and share your thoughts with us.

1 As Council and Town staff we spent two full days (Jan 17, 18) in a Strategic Planning workshop. The stated purpose was to discover important issues and prioritize them for budget development. We have not prioritized our findings, yet we have moved to budget development without the use of a coordinated prioritization of our work.

2 Town Manager performance review: Council has not conducted the scheduled review. This action is essential for any employee, and particularly in our form of government. Every employee deserves the respect of a fair and candid performance review. We need to get this done.

3 Town Ordinances: There is not a date certain for beginning the complete review of Town Ordinances. The funding sources are vaguely described, and the new role of the Community Development staff is untested. Our Planning Commissioners deserve clear direction from the Council based on the goals of the 2021 General Plan.

4 The 2021 General Plan and our unfinished Strategic Plan both suggest in detail that the Town should offer greater opportunities for citizen involvement. As a Council we have developed a plan for including more of your thoughts on the Town’s operation. I believe that we need your help in several ways. Suggestions for Landmarks, neighborhood recognitions, parade planning, heritage centered events, and recognition for great ideas are just a few areas I would like to see your thoughts on. Staff cannot do it all, and you as a citizen certainly could bring these pleasures to the Town for all of us to enjoy.

I am voting yes on efforts to PRESERVE the Cave Creek Brand and I believe we are making PROGRESS!
Hoping to hear from you!

Paul Eelkema
[email protected]
707 544 7744