No tax ever goes away

Several questions have not been raised during debate regarding a Carefree property tax. First, if this “crisis” was so pressing, why was it not raised during the recent mayoral and council election? Was it not brought to the fore because the candidates were afraid openly to back yet another tax and risk not being elected? In any event, inasmuch as the issue should have been evident, it should have been raised and openly and honestly presented instead of being sprung on the citizens now as a crisis “safety issue”.

Second, if we are indeed in imminent danger, as the tax backers would have us believe, why aren’t our leaders using some of the $16 million of the City allegedly has for our protection? Like the answer to the first issue, the answer may be self evident.

For these reasons, and a number of others, including what are our leaders going to do with all of the money collected with the proposed taxation, our vote should be a resounding NO in the issue of a City property tax. For remember, regardless of protestations to the contrary, no tax ever goes away; all they do is increase with the avarice of the taxing authority.

Michael W Carnahan