What were they thinking?

This is about a PROPERTY TAX – not ‘safety’!
Town’s handpicked Advisory Committee never compared Automatic Aid providers’ run times with national standard (NFPA 1710) OR Carefree’s current Fire Department! Carefree’s current Fire Dept. response times are the BEST! (4 Min.) Carefree’s current Fire Dept. is DEDICATED to Carefree! Carefree’s current Fire Dept. knows our steep drives, dirt roads & gated areas! Carefree’s current Fire Dept. had plans in process for a second station on the West side of Black Mountain! Mutual Aid assistance is OFTEN requested without an Agreement — by Automatic Aid’ Fire Depts.—from Carefree’s current Fire Dept! The effects of the misinformed can be disastrous! It is imperative that political decision-makers use the right data for their Town! Misinformation and fear-mongering by politicians to institute a TAX is deceitful!

Carefree Town Council – Political Decisions Have Consequences

D. Melissa Price