We do not support the proposed Carefree property tax

Here is why :

  1. The fear mongering by the Carefree politicians that our safety is at stake and therefore we need a property tax is disgusting. They show themselves to be opportunists who will make stuff up to try and get what they want. We do not believe them . We do not trust them. We will vote no !
  2. If the tax is put place there is no guarantee it will be used overtime for the current  reason the politicians say it is needed. Bait and switch … It’s the way the game is played by the politicians. We will all pay big time if the property tax door is opened. We will vote no !
  3. The fire and medical services delivered by Rural Metro has been and is Grrreat . How in the world do these politicians think it’s good for the people of Carefree to replace a critically important service provider ,run by folks who love our town , with one that will cost more with a locked in 25 year contract? Zero common sense.  We will vote no !
    Please join us in sending a strong message to kill this proposed property tax mess. Vote no !

Jim and Sharon Jenness