Amid all the lies and fabrications from the Carefree pro-tax group (Mayor and Town Council plus some of those people knocking on your doors), there is one fact they just cannot talk their way out of… our current Fire Department Response Times (FDRT) which is how long each fire department takes to arrive when you call.

Here they are for each fire department (FD), rounded to the minute plus the service area (SA) each town is responsible for:
Rural Metro Carefree: 4-minute FDRT for 8.8 mi2 SA
Scottsdale: 7-minute FDRT for 184.4 mi2 SA
Phoenix: 9-minute FDRT for 517.9 mi2 SA (nearly double the national standard)
Cave Creek/Daisey Mountain: We don’t know because they won’t disclose it. SA is 37.7 mi2.

Clearly, our current Rural Metro Fire Department is the undisputed response time winner. The others are much slower, which is easy to understand due to the much larger service areas and the great influx of new residents to those areas over the last few years. Their fire departments can’t keep up! Which begs the question… “why do we want to become part of that overburdened system?”

Please wake-up Carefree because you cannot undo this decision!! Property taxes are FOREVER and only

This isn’t about safety, it’s about money. A change in our fire response provider is simply the trojan horse being used for sneaking the tax out of YOUR wallet.

VOTE NO on Carefree property tax May 16th.

Tracey S. Grossman