Hogs and cats


Don Sorchych, my view

What a joy! Bike Week is gone, the sky is bluer and the obnoxious noise is gone. We will publish a letter in this issue by a gentleman who lived near Sturgis, South Dakota for 50 years. He has watched Sturgis decline because of the motorcycle invasion’s effect on the town. I don’t have to tell you Bike Week will have a similar effect on Cave Creek.

The town Mayor’s Crony Capitalism and the council ignoring the elephant in the room is a huge part of the problem.

Greed is good? What would you call using business parking lots for other businesses rather than motorcycle parking and then pleading they need to close the roads to park the bikes? Greed.

And let’s not forget the Roadhouse use of town property for placing their sign leaving the legal risk with the town rather than them.

The only response from the council is those stupid signs on Cave Creek Road putting motorists at an increased risk of being rear ended. The repugnant signs are still there. Drivers see the “Stop” on the sign because it is the largest and not hidden by the pylons, as the pedestrian may be. Watch cars carefully as motorists slam on their brakes to obey the stop sign.

Apparently the town can’t initiate an audit but the Department of Revenue can and should do a forensic audit of cash businesses. And so can the state liquor department.

I received a story from a local person who saw people fill two shopping carts with booze of various kinds. He followed them to the parking lot and they loaded the liquor into a Cave Creek bar van. It is against the law to buy retail liquor and resell it to the public. More on that later.

There is also the problem of noise which is ear damaging. Cave Creek, unlike Carefree, does not deal with noise except when on a few occasions bars get noisy and they break out the decibel meter. I assure you bikers rip by my office and they are not doing 30 mph. Where is the enforcement? Many (or most) bikers have straight pipes which substantially adds to the noise.

The offer still stands to recall Mayor Bunch if I can find a suitable replacement. The lack of action by council members after several promised action on Bike Week issues is frustrating. At least three others noted their support of Bike Week as is. Perhaps four council members need to be added to the recall list. I am available at 602 315 5964 for want-to-be council members.


I placed the photo my wife took a week ago of a bobcat sauntering through our pool area. We first saw him sitting on his haunches and scratching himself. I think it was a male as we have seen a smaller bobcat. We have had a dozen sightings of the two. Clearly we see them on their hunting missions, much of which is nocturnal.

Fortunately roadrunners are still with us as are four morning doves, two ring neck doves and dozens of small birds Since we have had abundant rain and Cave Creek is still running, deer and most Javelina will return only when it gets hot.

Since quail are mostly ground dwellers they will stay away until the bobcats are gone, which may be a long time.