5 Easy detox tips to feel better fast

Dr Leisa

Everyone’s heard of detoxing, but for a long time, it’s been used to cleanse the body of alcohol or drugs. Today, detoxing is a way of life to rid our bodies of chemicals and environmental exposure that may harm us. You don’t have to check into the Betty Ford Clinic to practice a regular detox regimen and improve your health.

#1 Does sleep help to detox?

Yes. Get some sleep, deep sleep. The lack of deep REM sleep has been linked to many serious diseases. One is Parkinson’s Disease. Studies show those who don’t get enough REM sleep, have approximately a 65% greater chance of developing Parkinson’s Disease. Deep sleep also allows the body to function properly. There are systems in the body that work to flush biproducts out. This is how it’s designed to keep us healthy. We have built in mechanisms to rid these bad things out of our body, but if those systems aren’t working properly, the detox process isn’t working properly either.

#2 Does drinking water detox your body?

Yes. While water alone doesn’t neutralize toxins in your body, it actually helps the kidneys remove some waste products. If your kidneys don’t get enough water, they can’t perform this function properly. Water can even hydrate the colon, to prevent constipation. An easy , is to drink 32 ounces of water immediately first thing in the morning right when you get up. This properly hydrates your colon so it can function at it’s best.

#3 Can you detox through your skin?

Yes. The skin is the largest organ in the body. The pores are designed to allow the skin to breathe, and to allow moisture in and out. Toxins are released through sweating. An easy thing to do before you get into the shower or before a salt bath, is to take a natural brush and brush the skin for a few minutes. This removes dead skin from the surface and allows the pores to do their job. If you brush before a bath, shower after brushing and before you get into the tub. This washes the dead skin off before sitting in the water. A side note on keeping your pores open. Using antiperspirant instead of deodorant, clogs the pores under your arms. Those pores are necessary to allow sweat to carry toxins out of the body. It is not natural to stop the sweating process. This may lead to serious disease. Phthalates and BPA have been found in sweat. There are studies that have shown this, and scientists are saying that sweat should be evaluated more to determine exposure to these toxic chemicals. A great way to sweat daily, is in an infrared sauna. Even traditional saunas do wonders to help the body sweat.

#4 Do lemon and ginger help to detox?

Yes. They work well to alkalize the body as they have vitamin C and antioxidants to help the body function properly. It’s a great way to start the day. Grate some fresh ginger, and add a squeeze of lemon to a big glass of water. Some even grate fresh turmeric into the water as well.

#5 Do I have to give up sugar to detox?

Processed sugar, yes. Low sugar fruits and honey are generally okay. It really depends on your goal of the detox. If you have serious issues with energy levels, yeast, digestive disorders, and mood swings etc., then all forms of sugar must be eliminated during the detox period. There are even detox programs I recommend to detox from sugar itself. But that’s another article.

I hope this gives you some simple ideas to help cleanse your body, and feel better with just a few small changes. If you’d like more information on detox and cleansing, please call me at my office.

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