Thankfully, Obama to exit the White House

Frosty Wooldridge

It appears “affirmative action” reached the White House in 2008 and continued through 2016.  Barack Obama, a freshman U.S. Senator from Illinois, with no expertise and zero accomplishments—scored an “affirmative action” victory that catapulted him into the highest job on this planet.

Obama reached the White House with a silvery tongue and no experience whatsoever for running the most advanced, complex and in-debt country on Earth.  At the time of his election victory in 2008, 36 million Americans subsisted on food stamps.  Another 14 million Americans stood in unemployment lines.  Two wars raged costing taxpayers $12 billion a month.  Illegal migration netted over 20 million border-jumpers assisted housing, jobs, medical care for their babies, free schooling for their children and immunity from deportation.

The national debt in 2008 ran a mind-numbing $12 trillion. Today, $20 trillion!  State debts ran into the billions.  Consumer debt ran into the trillions.   Obama promised to reduce global climate destabilization.  At Obama’s inauguration, he promised jobs, reducing the debt, stopping the wars and restoring national pride.  He promised too many things to too many people with no idea or talent or experience for solving this nation’s predicaments.

All talk! In eight years, he made everything worse from multiple Muslim terror attacks to Muslims killing our police officers from New York City to Dallas, Texas.

Several decades ago, our U.S. Congress created “affirmative action.”  A person without qualifications, without enough education or skills, would be given a job over more qualified persons—because of their color.  Millions of minority citizens grabbed jobs whether they qualified for those jobs or not.  Government forced employers into quotas.

When someone lacks qualifications, everyone else in the workplace must pick up the slack, do more work. The unqualified person enjoys the same wages and benefits.  But no one can complain, gripe or show any distress for fear of being called names.

“I can’t do my job, if you don’t do yours. I also can’t do my job. Can you do mine, too?”  Jarod Kintz

Today, our “affirmative action” President Barack Obama failed in his eight years and he failed dramatically.

Our national debt skyrocketed from $12 trillion to $20 trillion.  He lacked the personal dynamic and/or personal skills to stop it or hire someone who would stop it.

President John Adams said, “There are two ways to defeat a country: by the sword or by debt.”   Mr. Obama pushed us toward that deadly cliff faster and faster.

While he enjoyed an “affirmative action” Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing to stop our two wars in the first few months of his holding office, he allowed both wars to continue for most of his first four years.  He finally pulled out of Iraq in his fourth year by telling them his time line—and his actions created ISIS.  He continued waging war in a goat herder, third world country called Afghanistan.

Ironically, more of our young kids have committed suicide in the U.S. military than have been killed in combat in Afghanistan.  Latest military suicide figures:  22 daily.  War scrambles a young man’s mind, but Obama never served, so he wouldn’t understand.

When Obama reached the White House, 36 million jobless Americans subsisted on food stamps.  Today, in 2016, that number accelerated to 47 million Americans eating off the backs of the rest of us who still work.

Obama lacked skills or ability to stop endless importation of manufactured goods from China and other countries to the tune of $700 billion annual trade deficits.  Wouldn’t anyone with half a brain figure it out, “If I stop importing $700 billion in manufactured goods from China annually, I could transfer those jobs to Americans and create manufactured goods over here? I could lift up America’s minorities, of which I am one, and move them into jobs so they could enjoy a living wage, housing and provide food for their families.  Additionally, with 73 percent of African-American children born out of wedlock and living with single mothers and 99 percent of them subsisting on welfare—perhaps my astute actions could provide jobs for those children’s fathers and bring families together.”

But instead, no one talks about this president’s total lack of skills or ability to make good on his promises.  Like all “affirmative action” jobholders, he’s in over his head.  He’s incompetent, but no one dares speak a word about it.

With our 47 million food stamp receivers along with 8 million unemployed Americans, this president not only continues to import 100,000 legal immigrants every friggin’ 30 days—he attempted to gift amnesty to 15 to 20 million border hoppers, fence jumpers and cheats—called illegal alien migrants.

We voted Obama back into office without questioning his utter failure as a president.  We also voted the likes of other incompetent leaders like Senators Feinstein, Hatch, McCain, Udall, Bennet, Reid, Schumer, Levin and other congress-critters back into their positions of incompetence.    None of them serve the interests of the American people, but instead, cater to other countries and illegal migrants along with their corrupt employers.

In the meantime, our infrastructure rots, our schools fail, our environment degrades, our air pollution accelerates, our water depletes, our quality of life deteriorates and our standard of living drops like a brick in water.

But Obama exhausted $85 million of taxpayer dollars on his vacations and spent, thus far, 300 days on the golf course.

During the past eight years, he watched the most Muslim terror attacks, hired the most Muslim aides, created the greatest racial divide in 40 years, watched trade deficits explode, encouraged more illegal immigration and exploded the national debt to $20 trillion.  Obviously, “affirmative action” doesn’t work.

Chiang-Kai-Shek said, “Every clique is a refuge for incompetence.  It fosters corruption and disloyalty; it begets cowardice and consequently is a burden upon and a drawback to the progress of the country. Its instincts and actions are those of the pack.”

January 20, 2017 cannot arrive fast enough for our country.

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