How Much will my Medicare cost in 2017 – Beware!!!

This article failed to inform the public about a few things regarding medicare.

I used to listen to people at work say they needed to wait to retire until they were medicare age and then they would be set.  Incorrect!!  My husband recently retired and had to apply for Medicare even though he did not desire to as we have a very expensive Blue Shield Health Care plan.  He must pay for part B and he is also forced to pay for part D drugs even though he is prohibited from using the drug benefit by the insurance company.  This amounts to almost $500 a month to medicare on top of the money we pay for the extra insurance.

The second problem is that very few providers take patients on medicare so quality health care is very restricted.  To top it off, in 2016 medicare only paid for a $17 flu shot and denied everything else so the other insurance company got stuck with the charges.  No wonder providers don’t want those on Medicare.  It is sickening that we pay into something our entire lives and get nothing but our contributions go to those who never paid a dime.  Medicare desperately needs to be reformed including an option to opt out.

Karen Manser