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Although I think Donald Trump was the winner of the third and final debate there were many winning volleys he didn’t use.

If the public at large doesn’t know Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar they are stupid. Fortunately, the WikiLeaks information may more severely weaken her chances. There are huge volumes of emails yet to be scanned and distributed and as dirty as the Democrat party is there is much to be seen.

There is much damage being caused for Trump by the American media, most of which is caused by what the media doesn’t say about Clinton. However he is still his own worst enemy and should operate under the old axiom of “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” But he is not going to change. The liberal press is painting him as a hot dog and maybe he is. He is after all a man who loves women while Hillary is likely a lesbian.

However, it is clear voting for Hillary will destroy America. The issue is to not elect Hillary.

Vote for Trump – it is the only rational thing to do.

In his recent book, well known author Ed Klein wrote “Guilty as Sin” about Hillary.

Klein blends in previous writers’ quotes about Hillary’s salty language and lack of respect for people who served her.

“Hillary had always had the reputation of swearing like a drunken sailor. Here are some choice examples from well-researched books of Hillary’s vulgar mouth:

From inside, by former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Joseph Califano: “You sold out. You motherfucker! You sold out!”

From Unlimited Access, by Clinton FBI Agent in Charge Gary Aldrich: “Stay the fuck back, stay the fuck away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just do as I say, okay!”

From The Truth about Hillary, by Edward Klein: “Where’s the miserable cocksucker [referring to her husband]?”

From the Unlikeable, by Edward Klein: “She freely admits she’s always had anger issues,” an acquaintance said. “When she is annoyed by people, which is often, it shows. She never suffers fools gladly. As far as she’s concerned, politics is all about sucking up to people she considers beneath her and unworthy of sharing her space.”

How would you guys like to be her husband or you ladies to be her pal?

“Guilty as Sin” is chock full of reasons that voting for Hillary would mean the end of our glorious nation and she is far from capable of steering our nation back to Exceptional status.

This is an excerpt from pages 166 and 167 of “Guilty as Sin:”

“While chattering class conservatives and Establishment Republicans worried about a Trump presidency, average conservatives, even those who hadn’t supported him in the primaries, were flocking to Trump’s banner. They seemed to have a simple and obvious checklist. A Hillary Clinton presidency would mean:

“More tax funded ‘free stuff’ for favored Democratic groups.

“More national debt.

“More business regulations.

“More government-directed crony capitalism.

“More layoffs.

“More unconventional executive orders.

“More politics of envy.

“More illegal immigrants.

“More Islamic terrorism.

“More Clinton scandals.

“More favors for big-buck contributors.

“More gridlock in Washington.

“More division between blacks and whites.

“More criticism of the police and more crime and disorder.

“More Obamacare and higher premiums.

“More downsizing of the armed forces.

“More late term abortions.

“More out-of-wedlock children supported by welfare.

“More gun control.

“More federal control of public schools.

“More ‘multi-gender’ bathrooms.

“More liberal Supreme Court justices.

“More political correctness.

“More assaults on free speech on college campuses.

‘More chaos in the Middles East.

“More humiliation from China, Russia and Iran.

“More, in other words, of the last eight years under President Obama.

“Most conservatives – outside the beltway and outside intellectual salons at least – seem to gladly echo the words of Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Michael Goodwin: ‘Would Trump be worse?’”


My election picks

Thank you to everyone who has called and emailed about my election picks. Every election season, Center for Arizona Policy produces a non-partisan voter guide. Candidates are all asked the same questions of interest to the voters. At, voters can compare answers and vote for the candidates who best align with their values. And, yes, has information about the judges on the retention ballot. In addition, I will post a copy of my completed ballot for those of you who’d like to know how I am voting.

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