Cave Creek and Carefree elections

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Trump mania

Don Sorchych

Congratulations to the winners of the Cave Creek council, except for Eileen Wright. And congratulations to voters who recognized the valuable council members and voted right as they usually do.

Wright is an outlier and campaigned 24/7 without finding it necessary to tell the truth. She, as you will find out, is a typical CAVE person, Citizen Against Virtually Everything. I am surprised that such things as a failed attempt to win a council seat with the Trenk slate, getting kicked off the planning commission, and accompanying plaintiffs that were suing Cave Creek while she was on the planning commission weren’t considered. She must have played to the small minority who don’t read Sonoran News.

Also she may have bought a council seat, spending approximately $10,000 for signs and other advertising materials. Several readers believe the $10,000 was essentially dark money (fits the dark side). They believe the over $9,000 she claims to have loaned to her campaign came from someone else. She did receive $250 from Kerry and Pauline Smith and $100 from big spender on dark side issues, Grace Meeth.

The good news, of course, is that no other dark side candidates got in. They will continue to try and by the time of the next election I hope other worthy candidates appear like David Smith, Ron Sova and Mary Elrod did this time. And let’s hope candidates like Councilwoman Susan Clancy and Councilman Thomas McGuire keep on keeping on. Remember the previous slate was able to ooze into council seats with a majority because Jim Bruce and Shelly Anderson chose not to run again while Dick Esser was removed from the ballot in a legal challenge.

The last thing I want to say about Wright is that council members need to come up with a strategy to control Wright’s megaphone and echo chamber. I doubt that Mayor-elect Ernie Bunch has the testicular fortitude to do it. He will be too busy trying to close roads for the benefit of the Roadhouse and Hideaway with his penchant for crony capitalism.

It was a surprise to see that prop 491 (Home Rule) only passed by 95 votes. Without Home Rule Cave Creek would be bound by state-imposed budget limitations. Nearly half our voting population voted no and need to know what home rule is. Watch for articles that explain what home rule is.

Even worse, Prop 492 (General Plan) yes voters were 520 and no voters were 897. It was a no brainier in that the current general plan remains in place – no harm. However it was done the right way, this time. Cave Creek used to hire consultants and they seemed to think our town was a high density city. We aren’t and don’t want to be.

This time the town assembled volunteers and I think their suggestions were fine but when respected men like Bob Williams publicly writes he won’t support the General Plan unless there is an east/west connection in Cave Creek so west side residents don’t have to get on Carefree Highway to drive into town, a major point was missed.

In Carefree there were seven candidates for seven seats of council and mayor and they all met the requirements to be seated without a runoff election.

And, according to Mayor Les Peterson, all the new council members are devoid of Good Ol’ Boy credentials. Best news in 20 years!


National election

If you watched Donald Trump’s speech in Phoenix on Aug. 30 you saw The Donald at his best. That was a presidential speech of major proportions. I have no doubt he will have a wall built, backed up by sophisticated technology, air power and more border control forces.

Reverberations are already occurring in nationwide polls, while Hillary suffers with continued email distress from her private, unsecured servers. In addition, her health is in question and she and Bill’s money-making schemes are back firing.

Although Clinton still leads in some polls one has to ask, are these people asleep that support Clinton? If you watch man on the street videos, you will find some answers.

In one I watched yesterday, the reporter asked young people in a California beach community who Joe Biden is. One of about a dozen “citizens” had the answer. Similar videos show just how out of touch our citizens are, mostly the young, but not entirely. Jay Leno did similar programs for years with similar results.

Obviously schools and colleges have failed to keep up with civics. The fact that some 90 percent of college professors and a majority of high school teachers are Democrats, tells you what they are and are not teaching.

Minorities are heavily Democrats so voting patterns favor Democrats. Whites are currently 49.7 percent of the population, Hispanics 25.1 percent, Blacks are 12.7 percent, Asians are 7.9 percent, Multiracial are 3.7 percent and other is 1 percent.

Our wide open immigration stance has created this mess and it is only a matter of time until whites will be a minority and our culture will change radically.

Our last chance to begin at least a slowing of the cultural change rests with electing Trump.