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Please check last week’s edition and read My View, wherein I discussed three candidates’ petition sheets; James O’Toole, Eileen Wright and Mayoral Candidate Janelle Smith-Haff.

In O’Toole’s case he had less than the required 56 signatures. There were ten sheets in all, three pages collected by James O’Toole, three collected by his wife Lisa O’Toole, two by Danielle Fine, one by John Jack Goodrich and one by Lester Rechlin (which tells you something about the signature gatherers).

Gatherers included signers with addresses in Carefree, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and unincorporared county.

Besides being required to collect a minimum of 56 valid signatures, there is also a maximum of no more than 113 signatures allowed.

Both Eileen Wright and Smith-Haff exceeded the 113 maximum.

Even though state law requires a court challenge to determine whether candidates qualify to be on the ballot, these people should be on the do not vote for list for honest and educated voters who love Cave Creek.

Furthermore, I have reported several times that Wright appeared at three court hearings supporting plaintiffs that are suing the town of Cave Creek over a planned a horse trail in the vicinity of their and my easement. She was also serving on the planning commission at the time. That same plaintiff donated $900 to her previous failed campaign for council with the Trenk slate. Even with financial support she got fewer votes than any other candidate. She was finally kicked off the planning commission. Her passion for flooding the town with signs and flyers indicates three things; she is getting donations again, she knows she has lost, will lose again and is trying to show herself as a show horse. She is a hoax.

Unfortunately we will not get data from the town about campaign donations until August 26, which is a Friday and town hall is closed. The election is August 30.

Although Anna Marsolo doesn’t have a prayer of becoming mayor, I have received comments about her having campaign signs all over town even though she is against other signs.

Sonoran News is endorsing Susan Clancy, Mary Elrod, David Smith and Ron Sova. This group would, although independent, keep a majority from dark side possible winners. Thomas McGuire still believes the myth the town has an obligation to close roads for town taxes, even though they book their parking lots with outside vendors and then depend on the town to block OUR only road through town.

Ernie Bunch for mayor is a vote for the dark side since he refuses a pledge to stop closing our roads for the Roadhouse and Hideaway. Although write-ins will not be counted for office they subtract votes. Current Mayor Vincent Francia has expressed regrets that he isn’t running, so at least write him in. Maybe he will run in two years. If Bunch does close our roads for his buddies (Crony Capitalism) there will be another election in two years.

Please vote for those singled out above and only them.


I had lunch today with Carefree Town Council candidate Jim Van Allen, and Carefree Mayor Les Peterson. How pleasant it was to have a visit with two likely winners. Carefree has the good fortune of having seven candidates for seven open seats. Based on our evaluations, all candidates are strong and have differences in their skill sets so it is likely that future decisions will have merit.

Some of their business decisions have been off the charts. Their choice of Ray Villafane who provides Carefree with a world class artistry presence is one. His artistry and personality are creating a legend in Carefree. For many years the Thunderbird Artists have graced Carefree with their class exhibits.

Jim Van Allen best describes the meeting with this Letter to the Editor:

“Two distinguished and very important Foothills Executives had a rare and long overdue luncheon recently. Carefree Mayor Les Peterson and Mr. Don Sorchych, the longtime Editor of Sonoran News, enjoyed a two hour luncheon to get acquainted and bury some old hatchets. Both gentlemen were pleased to have this opportunity to meet and discuss how they can work together for the benefit of both the Town of Carefree and the Town of Cave Creek. Their discussion ranged from the consolidated court to the upcoming elections in both towns. They would like to explore ideas on how to maximize advertising and scheduling of both major and minor events as well as the festivals each town hosts every year.

“The Mayor outlined his vision of how Carefree might look in the next 20 years. He outlined the new schedule for concerts, festivals, and some of the great publicity Carefree is getting with the Villafane Sand Sculptures. He pledged a new beginning to Carefree’s relationship with Sonoran News and said he also looks forward to working with the new mayor and council in Cave Creek after the election. He was very complimentary toward Linda Bentley’s work, citing her outstanding reporting of activities in the Carefree/Cave Creek area.

“Don went into some detail about the old issues between the newspaper and some of the former town executives. He vowed to do his part to foster a new relationship and expressed his hope to participate in more of the informal luncheons in the future.”

Based on previous investigations and Mayor Les Peterson’s knowledge, Sonoran News heartily endorses all seven candidates. It is especially gratifying that the last remnants of the Good Old Boys in Carefree are finally all gone and being replaced with professionals.