Republican Convention | Local election

Don Sorchych

Shari Jo and I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday watching the Republican Convention and I will report on Thursday after it’s over.

My opinion about the convention so far is that family is important and although it was a bit over played during the first three days it was, in all, a very positive convention. And indeed, the fact Donald Trump fathered and mentored those incredible daughters and sons is strong affirmation of his abilities and a deep love of his family.

The highlight of Wednesday’s convention was the “suicide” of Senator Ted Cruz. After his “position on the issues” speech he only suggested voters should vote their conscience and did not endorse Trump. He was booed off the stage by Trump supporters.

Charles Krauthammer called Cruz’s speech “the longest suicide note in American political history.” The suicide, of course, is about the future of Cruz’s political ambitions. Many believe he is done.

Another complaint is Cruz signed a pledge to support the primary winner but he didn’t. The next day during a breakfast with Texan Delegates, Cruz admitted he did what he did because of what Trump said about his father and wife. Among other things Cruz told his delegate audience he was not a puppy dog saying thanks to you so much for maligning my father and wife.

Evangelists apparently went after Cruz about forgiveness since he claims he is a Christian.

If the government, political parties and the media bothered with whether candidates are meeting the standards of the President:

“No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Ted Cruz was not qualified to be President because he was born to a Cuban and American woman in Canada so he can never be a natural born citizen. At the beginning of the parade toward the presidency, Trump said he might sue on that issue. Because Cruz lost the nomination it all went away. Natural born citizens must be the third rail of politics.

Barack Obama got away with it by hiding everything and lying under the blind eyes of a complicit press.

Marco Rubio is also unqualified. He was born in America to two Cubans so he is not a natural born citizen. To be a natural born citizen both parents must be citizens and the birth must be in the United States.

The press is the last chance but our press is so liberal (meaning Democrats) they seem perfectly willing to open the doors to subterfuge. “Birthers” have become the laughing stock of the media, but to me “natural born citizen” is clear enough.

The final night of the Republican Convention was a winner in spite of know-it-alls like Mark Cuban who thinks the world needs to know what he thinks. As always, Trump’s kids shined like meteors and so did he. Rudy Giuliani spoke passionately about crime and correction. Newt Gingrich’s speech was so elegant we wished he was Trump’s Vice President even though Mike Spence’s speech showed he has the ability to serve with excellence as VP.

Trump spoke for over an hour and he was as presidential as Republicans hoped he would be. One observer said Trump spoke of Clinton as the opposition rather than “Criminal Clinton.”

Those who claimed Trump didn’t have a plan should now be satisfied. He discussed immigration, building the wall on our southern border, kicking out illegal aliens, vetting so called migrants from Syria, making NATO pay their fair share of cost, retracting and renegotiating bad trade agreements, building jobs and the economy, rebuilding the military, fixing the disabled Veterans Association, solving the murder excesses in America, choosing Supreme Court Justices from conservative ranks and eliminating Obamacare.

All good and possible. But we also know Congress has to support him. That is why John McCain needs to be unseated by Kelli Ward. Also Russ Wittenberg of Carefree needs to replace David Schweikert in the U.S. House of Representatives, getting rid of a professional politician.

After living with the criminal behavior of the Clintons it is way past removal time with The Donald replacing Hillary Clinton.

Local election

On Tuesday, the dark side held a Forum. Want to guess who put it on? If you can imagine, it is the spitter Roberta Toombs-Rechlin. This lovely lady spit in my face outside the Buffalo Chip Saloon. She was arrested, put on probation for a year and made to stay distant from me. I can’t tell you how disgusting it was but I will resurrect the My View of the time and put a convenient link on our new website.

Not topping that off, but in the same vein the, the purported emcee is Ron McGee. Nice guy, but handy man for that end of town. Sure doesn’t compare with Sonoran News and Dr. Dan Baxley.

My understanding is all of the candidates will be there unlike Anna Marsolo, Jannelle Smith-Haff, Paul Diefenderfer (ex-husband of Marsolo), Jim O’Toole and John Vannucci who were afraid to come to the long-time traditional Sonoran News forum.