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Don Sorchych
The national election is a make or break for our beloved United States of America. You are aware Sonoran News is a Trump fan. The Clinton family has well established themselves as corrupt and would continue the drag on our country’s principles, exacerbated by the Obama administration. Trump has brought to our minds that the decline was long ago instigated by the Party Establishments of both parties. How many candidates for Congress ran on a platform of closing our borders? All of them have and if they really planned to close the borders ensconced Congressmen and Senators soon gave them the message that the Establishments were in partnership with Democrats and both parties benefited. Democrats wanted and got votes while Republicans got low wages.

There are no better examples of useless Senators than John McCain and Jeff Flake. Flake is not up for reelection now but McCain is.

McCain has been in office since 1987. He is worth about $10 million; his wife Cindy has an estimated net worth of $100 million. McCain is the seventh wealthiest Senator. How did he accumulate that much money? McCain’s Father and Grandfather were four star Navy Admirals and I assume they had estates from which he received benefits and as a Senator he receives $172,400 annually. He also must receive retirement pay as a Navy Captain.

Navy Captain retirement pay ranges from $4900 to $8052 each month.

There has been discussion about possible conflicts of interest among Senators because of the committees they serve on. McCain serves on Commerce, Science and Transportation committees. He is an investor in stocks but I have no knowledge of conflicts.

But one thing is clear: Most of his money comes from us taxpayers. It is no surprise the Chamber of Commerce supports McCain. They and he are the Establishment.

It is time to retire him and continue paying him benefits for doing it whether we like it or not. That’s a subject for another day.

On the other hand we do have an able replacement. Dr. Kelli Ward resigned from the Arizona Legislature to run against McCain. Although few can match McCain’s wealth, a little help from voters would be great.

Linda Bentley and I met Kelli Ward and her mother. Both her mother and husband are doctors. Her husband was in the military and served in Iraq.

There is no question Ward is a real conservative and would serve the people of Arizona where McCain has not. His big deal was being a Senator who crossed the aisle to satisfy Democrat friends.

Kelli Ward

The importance in government is to develop a Conservative majority and Ward is a great place to start.

Visit her website at to read her position on the issues facing our nation – her stance is very conservative in nature.

She is a strong supporter of the military and their families. She has been there raising children, serving the public as a physician and serving the public in the legislature while her husband was in the military.

Ward is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and The United States Constitution. Gun rights are safe in her capable hands.

She says border closing is a high priority in Arizona she and does not support amnesty.

As a physician she knows veterans are not getting adequate health service and with her knowledge she will help devise solutions.

Kelli understands that jobs and therefore the economy are in big trouble and she knows government has to cooperate with business to grow it by back pedaling regulations and reducing the size of the federal government.

On healthcare she says there is nothing wrong with our healthcare system that can be fixed by Washington politicians or bureaucrats. “ObamaCare is a disaster for patients, doctors, and taxpayers, and must be fully repealed in favor of free market solutions.”

On education she says, we need to stop letting faraway politicians micromanage our children’s education. Politicians in Washington don’t know what is best for kids in Arizona – we as parents do.

Kelli believes traditional principles and values strengthen our communities and make America stronger. And she says looking at her three beautiful kids, she knows it is time to step up and do something.

A vote for her is a must!

Russ Wittenberg

Russ Wittenberg is an active supporter of the Tea Party and a 100 percent Conservative. He and his wife Margot missed very few tea party meetings in the last two election cycles. Sadly, Margot passed away two years ago. Wittenberg has decided to run for the U.S. Congress against Congressman David Schweikert. Please read his letter to the editor in this issue.

We have vetted him several times and strongly endorse him.