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Soon we will have results from the Iowa Caucus. It appears to be between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The question in everyone’s mind is whether presidential candidate and leader Donald Trump was damaged by dropping out of the Jan. 29 debate. So far, on Jan. 31 Trump still has a substantial lead of 30 percent, the highest ever. However, Monday’s Iowa results will answer the question.

Monday’s caucus in Iowa had several major events; Bernie and Hillary were deadlocked at 50 percent and ended with Clinton 49.9 and Bernie at 49.6 percent. Ted Cruz won with 27.7 percent, Trump at 24.3 percent and Rubio at 23.1 percent.

This is not close to being the end for Trump so stay tuned.

It is amazing a socialist (communist) could ever be a factor, even on the Democrat side. But the choice for Democrats at this point is a Communist against a clear liar with a sinister background.

The Democrats and Republicans have played a shell game for many years. How many times have you heard candidates on both sides of the aisle pledge to control immigration while the country is bloated with 10’s of millions of illegals? This was the beginning of Trump’s incredible rise in polls. Even Mexicans who have been nationalized are angry that they must compete with illegal aliens. That is probably why Trump says he expects a strong Hispanic vote.

Trump remains committed to building a wall to keep illegals out, deporting illegals and even making Mexico pay for the wall. I don’t doubt any of these assertions. But both right and left claim it is impossible to send millions of people home. Hey, it is our country, we are supposed to be a nation of laws. The illegals broke the law and they need to be scoured out of this country. Why in the world should we be worried about law breakers? In fact, many countries simply shoot invaders; it isn’t PC but it’s practical and necessary. Every president and congressman took an oath of office to protect the country and they lied.

Powerful money interests are the reason we are out of control and both parties will do whatever it takes to get one of their own into office. Note these same interests put Obama into office and now that his term is nearly over he is more and more honest about what and who he really is. And he is not, as he claimed early in his administration, a Christian. If he isn’t an Islamist why is he loading the country with Koran worshippers, sprinkling them all over the country? Why is he defending Islamic atrocities? Why does he refuse to be honest rather than couching deaths as workplace violence? You can thank the Democrat party and the national media for not vetting him.

Obama will be seen historically as a huge mistake and voters as plain stupid.

I believe Trump, when elected, will turn the ship of state 180 degrees. And I believe bad actors like Hillary will be jailed.

I have said this before but it is a teachable moment for me. I worked for a man once who in turn worked for one of the early billionaires. One of the many businesses owned by the billionaire sold and installed cable television.

A lawyer contacted a selectman (councilman) in Massachusetts and offered a bribe if he would vote for their cable system. The selectman contacted the FBI and they put a wire on him. The lawyer offered the bribe and promised him, my boss at the time, he would fly in his company jet to pay cash. My boss’s boss was also named.

Competitor Medtronic worked their copy machines overtime and sent copies worldwide.

Then nothing more was written. I asked my boss numerous times why it had died out. All he would say is that he never met the lawyer who had made the offer. Years later I asked again and he said you remember I grew up next door to Howard Baker and we have been close friends for years. (Baker was a heavyweight politician and had served as a Senator and then commanded a Washington law firm.) He said Baker had “fixed it” for them. Imagine taking the event off the screen. I have tried to find it online and only get my own editorial that discusses the matter. Now that is a fix all right. But how? That is one simple example of the power of Washington.

Another example is the dozens of deaths surrounding the Clintons with little or no mention by the media.

Local Politics
I heard a rumor “activist” Anna Marsola is going to run for Cave Creek Mayor. How interesting! I think she should find out just how disliked she is. If you would like to see an administration which will be 100 times worse than the disaster we are currently experiencing with our lovely town being carved away to increase bicycle traffic, then save your vote for her. I doubt she ever heard of property rights and she surely is a devoted Dark Sider.

On another note I have told possible candidate for Mayor Usama Abujbarah there is a sure way to be elected and that is to promise to return the town to pre bike trail days. The only problem is how.