Enough votes to impeach Obama?

I want to get straight to the point and make this short and sweet.

I submit that Barack Hussein Obama's unilateral negotiations with terrorists occurred without consult from the U.S. Congress and resulted in the release of dangerous Al Qaeda leaders. These actions represent high crimes and misdemeanors against our nation and are grounds for impeachment.

I have called upon the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives; Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to draft articles of impeachment because no one is above the law in America. Do you agree? I need to hear from you in the next 24 hours.

Visit to take my one-question poll.

"Has President Barack Hussein Obama committed the impeachable offense of high crimes and misdemeanors and should the House of Representatives draft articles of impeachment?"

If you agree with me, then after you take my poll I hope you will make a special emergency gift to the Allen West Guardian Fund. The Guardian Fund is leading the fight to expose Barack Hussein Obama's radical and dangerous agenda and help elect candidates who will hold him accountable.

So please...before you do anything else answer my one-question poll. And if you agree with me please make a special emergency contribution.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)


Fair Tax and IRS scandal

Americans, are you slaves? Do you realize you consent to politicians using the IRS as their weapon to silence you, control your spending, while legally taking your wealth?

Why isn't there a sea-to-shining-sea battle-cry against tyranny of politicians able to silence millions of Americans with the power of IRS, punishing opposition while skirting the law thus remaining unaccountable?

The existence of the IRS is a freedom issue. Repeal the 16th Amendment. Pass the FairTaxHR25 which defunds and disbands the IRS. As long as the IRS exists, politicians will pretend outrage at situations such as what we now face, but they will also continue using the IRS to silence opposition while reaping huge financial and political gains via lobbyist and loopholes.

The economic benefits of the FairTax over a Flat tax or income tax have been proven. The taxpayer's bill for the investigation of the IRS is staggering. However, economics issues of a tax structure must not be the focus of our attention.We as a nation must ensure that our children and grandchildren have the freedom of speech and private ownership now denied under the income tax.

Pass the FairTax. Repeal the 16th. Or live in shame for tolerating tyranny.

Beverly A. Martin
Fulton, Missouri


Keep doing what you’re doing!

You can watch the dozens of "You Tubes" and see entire graduation classes being hypnotized into "zombies" in the "safety" of a graduation lock down party! And you’re supposed to find this funny! 

Seeing how the majority of people seem emotionless as they see hoards of illegal aliens swarm our southern borders with impunity and see our own government funding Al-Qaeda, maybe most of us have been hypnotized through the media already!

Seeing the lack of outrage by the majority of our elected leaders tells me that most of them are bought and paid for and could really care less that America is about to self-destruct. But then, as long as your sports team or favorite NASCAR driver is winning you are quite content about things. 

So keep consuming fluoridated water, toothpaste and mouthwash and Dioxin tainted liquids in plastic bottles! Keep that microwave generating cell phone as close to your shrinking brain as you can. And of course consume as much artificial sweeteners as you can find. And if you take enough of those cholesterol lowering drugs you will pass into La La land sooner that you think and not have to worry about anything. It will all be like a dream.


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Obama owns Iraqi quagmire

As a Vietnam Era Navy veteran, and having close relatives who served in every war from the Civil War to the Gulf War, I am disappointed with President Obama’s dithering foreign policy. (Note: I am not a partisan person, and I have been a registered Independent for many years).

President Obama’s complete withdrawal from Iraq has allowed the Sunni/al Qaida terrorists to make a huge comeback in Iraq, and threaten peace in the Middle East. It could ultimately set the stage for the establishment of bases to promote attacks throughout the world, including the United States. Is Afghanistan next?

Obama’s inattention to Iraq’s previous request for air support in May 2014 has led to the current threatening situation. The 5,000 American contractors and embassy staff are in danger of attacks by the al-Qaida Islamists. The injection of Iranian troops in the battles further exacerbates the conflict, and could allow Iran to gain a foothold in Iraq.

Obama’s pivot away from the Middle East has emboldened radical Islamic terrorists in Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and now Iraq. They know he is all talk and is ready to hand out lots of carrots and punish enemies with a wet noodle.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, NH


Obama to pay off Homosexual Lobby

Barack Obama has sunk to a new low to pay off the Homosexual Lobby and inflate his sagging approval numbers with his base.

Yesterday, the President announced he will sign an executive order forcing all Federal contractors to adhere to the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Officially known as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the Gay Bill of Special Rights is designed to further the protected class status of homosexuals at the expense of religious liberties.

And there is no reason to believe that Obama's order will allow exemptions for religious business owners who want to uphold their traditional beliefs in their day-to-day operations.

It's just the latest instance of the President shredding the Constitution for his own political gain, with November's elections clearly in mind.

And when this disastrous order goes into effect, it will make it easier for anti-Family opponents of traditional values to pressure Congress into forcing the Gay Bill of Special Rights on every business, church, and religious organization in America.

Under the Gay Bill of Special Rights, any homosexual who is passed over for or fired from a job has the right to claim they were discriminated against.

Unfortunately, this bill has already passed the Senate this session, and has 205 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives.

That's why it's critical for you and I to keep the pressure on Republican leadership in the House to fight the Homosexual Lobby's demands to bring this dangerous bill up for a vote.

Public Advocate has kept the Gay Bill of Special Rights at bay for months, much to the chagrin of radical Homosexual activist and Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) and his allies.

So if you haven't done so yet, please visit demanding they refuse to give the Gay Bill of Special Rights a vote on the House floor.

If you've already signed your petition, please tell your friends and family who support real marriage and traditional values.

Thank you for your prompt and decisive action and your continued support of Public Advocate.

As always, please remain alert for the updates from Public Advocate on this fight and the latest threats to Christian values and religious liberties.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.


Join us in the fight to restore American strength and security

We stand, right now, at a critical moment in the life of our nation.

The policies of the last six years have left America diminished and weakened. Our enemies no longer fear us. Our allies no longer trust us. Empty threats, meaningless redlines, leading from behind, retreat, and "engagement" with rogue regimes have put America on a path of decline.

Threats to America's security are on the rise. Al Qaeda is resurgent, establishing new safehavens across the Middle East, including in Iraq, where President Obama withdrew all American forces with no stay behind agreement. He has announced he intends to do the same in Afghanistan. Syria has become the most dangerous training ground for Islamic terrorists since the attacks of 9/11. President Obama has repeatedly misled the American people about the attacks in Benghazi and the true nature of the threat we face.

We are writing you today because we know America's security depends upon our ability to reverse President Obama's dangerous policies.

We have launched the Alliance for a Strong America. We hope you will join us in this fight to restore American strength and security.

The Alliance for a Strong America will:
advocate for the policies needed to restore American power and leadership in the world;

provide information to concerned Americans about the critical national security threats facing the nation;

explain the indispensable role America and American power must play in the world to defeat the broad array of threats we face;

fight to restore the strength of America's military - the greatest fighting force and the greatest force for good the world has ever known.

ensure that national security issues are a critical part of America's national discussion in the coming years and beyond.

Please show your support by joining us today.


Dick and Liz Cheney


Stuart Smalley v. the First Amendment

This is not a joke.

The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on The Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights, led by Saturday Night Live comedian turned politician Al Franken, voted unanimously against the exact language contained in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. This marks perhaps the first time elected officials have officially voted against the basic freedoms that have been the backbone of our individual liberties for more than 225 years.

The Subcommittee's website claims that their jurisdiction is:  "(1) Constitutional amendments; (2) Enforcement and protection of constitutional rights; (3) Statutory guarantees of civil rights and civil liberties; (4) Separation of powers; (5) Federal-State relations; (6) Interstate compacts; (7) Human rights laws and practices; (8) Enforcement and implementation of human rights laws."

Apparently, the Democrats who voted against the First Amendment did not read their own website as their efforts to overturn the Citizen's United Supreme Court decision overturning onerous restrictions on political free speech go directly counter to their mission statement to enforce and protect constitutional rights.

Rather than accept the Court's decision or waiting for a future Court to review it, Senate Democrats are moving forward with an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would specifically allow Congress to make laws that restrict the right to petition the government under the dubious, newly created "fundamental principle of political equality for all."

This idea of political equality for all is at its core an allowance for Congress to prohibit any political activity that it deemed to be above and beyond what the least interested and involved person might engage in. 

This differs from the core First Amendment principle that everyone has the positive right to redress their grievances with the government as it would allow Congress to determine and define what the government itself deemed to be reasonable actions of redress that ensured political equality.

This concept of the government determining the level, if any, of redress that will be allowed turns the entire concept of petitioning the federal government for redress on its head.

The moment elected officials empower themselves to dictate the means of seeking change in policy, the ability to create change is eviscerated, and it is that very political speech that the First Amendment protects.

The Democrats' destruction of American political freedom amendment, Senate Joint Resolution 19, now moves to the full Judiciary Committee where it is expected to pass on a partisan vote.  The Resolution is not expected to meet the threshold for amending the Constitution on the floor of the Senate which requires a 2/3 majority of 67 votes.

Senator Ted Cruz, the brilliant defender of Constitutional freedoms, is expected to continue fighting against the Democratic Party partisan power play by forcing every Democrat to go on record voting against the language contained in the First Amendment as the process allows.  Cruz summarized his beliefs at the hearing saying, ""I have more faith in the Bill of Rights than I do any elected official."

To that I say, Amen Senator Cruz, Amen.  Unfortunately Stuart Smalley doesn't agree.

Rick Manning
Vice President of Public Policy and Communications
Americans for Limited Government


Better their blood than ours

OUR military cannot, should not ever be required and expected to fight any war with their hands tied behind their backs by reckless, damaging, asinine. "Rules of Engagement" issued by an administration that can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

To be clear, I don't give a termite’s testicle about Iraq, Maliki or the centuries old hatred between the Shia and Sunni. My only concern is, what is good and what is evil.....and the eternal war between them.

As Obama diddles, anyone with a brain knows that the United States cannot let this brutality in Iraq continue unabated. The gloves must come ALL the way off.. these animals need to be decimated.. no quarter given, no sanctuary accepted, non stop destruction and mayhem until we have dominated to the very END.

I am a very compassionate man far removed from having a cold heart..  Sadly, in Iraq we are now faced with an enemy more vicious and evil than the world has ever witnessed. So vicious that we cannot permit  them refuge if they choose to hide among civilians. When facing such pure evil our fear of accidental collateral damage must be overcome when the choice is either their blood or ours. 

I pray that OUR military leaders don't let Obama take us into another of his mind numbing disasters.

I strikes me that with Putin’s deep hatred of radical Islam he would have made one hell of an ally right now. I wonder if that was Obama’s plan all along.

Tom Carbone
Cave Creek