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Trenkster asks a question that should be answered

A friend sent me a copy of Adam Trenk's (the Trenkster), recent posting on Facebook. Among other things, he characterizes Don Sorchych as a "self appointed" conservative. He asks us to ponder why Don would support the Cave Creek Town Manager. He suggests that if Don were a real conservative he would go along with the Trenkster and his pack to get rid of our Town Manager who has served with distinction for many years.

That Don Sorchych is a conservative is beyond debate. Selling that he isn't will be more difficult for the Trenkster than selling that we need a new trailer park in the historic Town Core as a tribute to our western heritage, or that the Town is in terrible shape when we have a $ 7 million surplus, an award-winning water system worth millions more than we paid for it and millions more than we owe on it, and a sustainable economic engine south of Carefree Highway.

So why would Don support the town manager who is not conservative and isn't named Smith?
The answer is simple, Don cares very much about Cave Creek, and he always has. He is very, very conservative, and he doesn't write for self promotion. He writes what he believes. He supports candidates and officials who do a good job from his very conservative perspective. He doesn't go along with lies and political hit pieces because the politicians behind them call themselves conservative. He really can't stand politicians who are only out for themselves. He understands that the place basic services should be provided is on the town level. That is one basic conservative tenet even Tea Party folks don't dispute.

Trenkster's question reveals once again what he is about. He is about promoting himself first, last, and always. He wouldn't know the truth if it came up and bit him in the butt. The real problem that the Trenkster has with Don Sorchych and the town manager is that they have his number, they know what he is about, and they don't think that his brand of dirty trick politics is good for Cave Creek. The Trenkster can't understand, or won't admit, that Don Sorchych simply cares about the town.

But you have to admit, hate him or love him, the Trenkster has a real pretty picture of himself on his Facebook page.

For the Love of Cave Creek,

Steve LaMar
Cave Creek Horseman and Citizen

Gun rights hanging by a thread

Sneaky tactic, you can play a role, one phone call

The Nevada legislature recently passed legislation, SB 221, that would require private firearms transactions to be recorded by a federal firearms licensee (FFL) and sent to the FBI.

If Nevada's Governor signs this bill, it will be a signal to the anti-rights bigots that they can accomplish the same thing in your state.

SB 221 is now waiting for a decision by Nevada’s Republican Governor, Brian Sandoval.

He is opting to see which way the political winds are blowing before making a decision.

He has set up a hotline for people to call in and express their opinion by simply pressing a button on their telephone.

All you need to do is call 1-775-684-5670 and press “2” to tell Governor Sandoval that you want him to VETO SB 221.

You don’t have to live in Nevada. You don't have to leave your name or address.

The entire process is automated and takes about 15 seconds. And, you can call as many times as you want! Do it.

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has invested his significant wealth in the passage of SB 221 and is generating calls into the Governor’s hotline right now, encouraging Governor Sandoval to sign the universal registration bill.

If it can happen in Nevada, it can happen in your state.

Call 1-775-684-5670 right away and press “2” to tell Governor Sandoval to veto SB 221.
I got this alert from The Arizona Citizens Defense League (, an all volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization in my state.

They got it from Gun Owners of America (

I read the bill myself to make sure this was for real. It is.


The 28-page bill has other material attached, but the universal gun registration part is all bad. It is not even clear if a state can force federal gun dealers to register private gun transfers, accept liability for guns they don't sell, guns which may have been stolen or are defective, and it will block all guns sales when the feds close the NICS background check center, which they do from time to time. Then you can't buy a new gun or a used gun from a friend – especially in an emergency.

Make the call. You know Bloomberg has his minions calling right now.

Call 1-775-684-5670 right away and press “2” to tell Governor Sandoval to veto SB 221.

That's all.

Alan Korwin


End evil

The #1 reason to repeal the income tax is to end evil. The income tax is evil because it puts government before God's directive that we are free and given our liberty by God, not government. We are free. What we create is ours to do with as we elect. Man has agreed to exchange some freedom for advantages offered by living in a group. Key to that concept is the principle that man, not government by force, willingly agreed to this pact. Free men can way, "This is mine. You cannot take it without my consent."

The IRS allows no such agreement. The IRS assumes a citizen is guilty without trial. The income tax has morphed into a deadly weapon used to control citizens it was supposed to help by providing revenue for governance. Now, the politically powerful use the IRS to destroy enemies, rewards friends, and grow their personal or political wealth. Men and women are forced into compliance through fear. This is evil.

Ending the income tax, FairTaxHR25 destroys the power of a handful of elite who in the pretense of funding government have for one-hundred years sucked the economic blod of citizens powerless to resist.

Beverly Martin
Fulton, Missouri


It’s a no brainer!

Remember back in 2008 when gas prices averaged just $1.86 a gallon. and then inched their way up to $3? Now in much of our country, gas is up to $4 per gallon!

Meanwhile, President Obama continues to ignore the heavy toll gas prices are taking on American families like yours. Instead, he continues to gamble your money away into failed programs and "green stimulus spending."

The Obama administration could easily help the economy by approving the now-infamous Keystone Pipeline, rolling back excessive regulations on coal plants, expanding offshore drilling, and opening up federal land to natural gas exploration. These are all proven sources of energy that would undoubtedly provide a boom of jobs and economic growth to America at a time when we desperately need it.

But instead of implementing these no-brainer solutions and proven sources of energy, President Obama and his big-government allies are wasting YOUR money to prop up their failed energy policies! Despite the crippling failures and rampant cronyism of Solyndra and Fisker Automotive, the administration plans to channel another $12 BILLION in government subsidies to even more of these "green energy" companies.

But you can help stop them—find out how.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is leading the fight against President Obama's failed energy policy, and we continue to advocate for real answers to our nation's high energy costs.
But we need your help—will you stand with us?

Thank you for your support.


Tim Phillips, President
Americans for Prosperity


Love gone bad today

As recently as 1986, homosexuality was regarded as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. Practicing homosexual sex is a mental choice that had negative societal consequences for homoelectives in the past. Now it’s all in the name of “love,” according to the propaganda of the LGBT (Love Gone Bad Today). But with all the drag queens (homoelectives on pervoids) and skin on display at gay-pride parades, (nudity allowed in San Francisco) it is easy to see that unrestrained sex is their message, not love.

Our children are being indoctrinated by the NEA arm of the LGBT in the public schools to be familiar with and accepting of homosexuality and those that choose to practice it; including in some schools a cross-dressing day, Harvey Milk Gay Day and unisex athletic teams with access to the opposite sex locker room and restroom for those that purport to "gender identify" with the opposite sex.  This in the guise of fighting intolerance and discrimination while legislation is proposed to outlaw professional therapy and counseling aimed at helping teens overcome unwanted same-sex attraction.

It is no wonder the Boy Scouts voted to accept homoelective boys into their heretofore honorable organization. The BSA (and their sponsors) better be ready for some lawsuits, however, if the homogenized U.S. Military’s man-on-man rape and sexual assault stats carry through on their camp-outs; especially when adult homoelectives are admitted as leaders.

I think everyone should have an emblazoned “Love Gone Bad Today” tee shirt in their closet where homoelectives should be. God have mercy on us if the U.S. Supreme Court gives them the green light to legalized same-sex marriage.


Michael W. Jarvis
Salt Lake City, Utah

P.S. I have returned my Eagle Scout Badge to the Boy Scouts of America.


Is the mainstream media the propaganda arm of the White House?

Is it not obvious that Obama's appointment of Susan Rice as national security adviser proves that the voters made a terrible mistake to re-elect Barrack Hussein Obama II?  Rice is indeed Obama's "trusted adviser" who lied to the world about Benghazigate. We have the Osama Bin Laden Brigade fighting Obama's war against the legitimate government of Syria!  We also have ex-White House Press secretary, Robert Gibbs admitting that he was told to lie about our drone program!

We have Sarah Hall Ingram,  the woman who was the head of the vindictive tax-exempt organizations division of the IRS during the time conservative groups were targeted is now director of the IRS' ObamaCare office! We still have not gotten to the bottom of Obama's team getting semi-automatic weapons into the hands of Mexico's drug thugs! Add this to Obama's compulsion to have the United Nations nullify our 2nd Amendment and take away our guns and it become obvious that , despite Obama turning on Associated Press, the main stream media is still drinking Kool-Aid and covering Obama's radical backside! We are about to have a very rude awakening as to reality of the New World Order. The stealthy takeover of America is almost completed while we sleep.


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Smart meter boondoggle unravels

"But now, just 3 years later, CMP has come begging for an over 8% rate increase because they found that, instead of saving ratepayers $363 million, their “smart” meter program is actually going to cost ratepayers $99 million."

June 3, 2013
Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)
Docket Control Center
1200 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Re: Docket # E-00000C-11-0328


Are you aware of what just happened in Maine?

The story in a nutshell is this: Central Maine Power (CMP) had bragged that “smart” meters were going to save ratepayers $25 million in “operational costs” and $338 million in “supply-side savings” over 20 years. On that assumption and without any independent verification, the gullible Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) approved CMP's “smart” meter program. But now, just 3 years later, CMP has come begging for an over 8% rate increase because they found that, instead of saving ratepayers $363 million, their “smart” meter program is actually going to cost ratepayers $99 million. CMP was wrong by 1,848%!

Late to the party, the MPUC is finally calling for an independent audit. Read the MPUC “Draft Order Initiating Management Audit”

This brings up several points. All are ones I have made to you repeatedly in the past.
    1. Utilities are chronic liars and anything they say must be verified independently. That's your job which you have not done! Audit the “smart” meter program in Arizona now.
    2. The misnamed “smart” grid is all cost and no benefit. Indeed, all of the equipment involved is vastly more expensive than what was used in the past so why would anyone think otherwise? Do the independent cost/benefit analysis you should have done years ago and do it now.
    3. Because of the proven added costs inherent in the “smart” grid, ratepayers not wanting to participate should get a refund. Do an audit now to determine the refund amount.
    4. Utilities are gaming their guaranteed rate of return on “capital investments” at the expense of ratepayers. Audit now. Cost/benefit now.

For the umpteenth time I will remind you of Connecticut's pilot “smart” meter program which proved the same thing as Maine's recent financial fiasco. The “smart” grid is of no economic benefit to ratepayers. Indeed, it is an added expense borne by ratepayers. As the Connecticut Attorney General summarized, “...the costs associated with the full deployment of AMI [“smart”] meters are huge and cannot be justified by energy savings achieved.” When will you wake up to that fact and halt this toxic, rights-violating boondoggle?

You have another example of “smart” grid fiscal failure right here in Arizona. Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has had so-called “automated meters” for years but, as you well know, TEP is requesting a rate increase. Aren't rates supposed to be decreasing because of the new meters? Isn't that what Commissioner Robert Burns told us would happen in his recent editorial, the one he wrote about the (completely unspecified, unsubstantiated) savings that would supposedly be passed on to customers?

Meanwhile, “poor” TEP has just built a gargantuan new office building. They have enough money to continue unabated influence peddling via “charitable” and political donations. And, like the multimillion dollar APS CEO, the multimillion dollar TEP CEO has had repeated yearly compensation increases at a time when many people are lucky to even find work. Now TEP wants a rate increase? For what, so they can keep living large on the backs of ratepayers while their “smart” grid is nothing but a ratepayer rip-off?


Warren Woodward
Sedona, Arizona

Cc: Governor Jan Brewer, Attorney General Tom Horne


Step two to destruction of a free enterprise system

When Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848, they presented ten steps necessary to destroy any free enterprise system and replace it with Communism.  Step number two is to establish a heavy progressive or graduated income tax.  At that time, this country did not have an income tax.  It took 65 years for the progressives to sell it to the American people.  Back then, it was hard to realize the dangers it brought to this nation.  Today, we can see why Marxism considers it a necessary tool to bring down any productive nation and turn it into a Socialist State.

The House Ways and Means Committee (HW&M) oversees the IRS and is considering proposals to fix our tax system.  Recent abuses demand the replacement of the IRS and its 70,000+ pages of regulations.  Kevin Brady (a ranking member of HW&M recently wrote, "Americans shouldn't fear the IRS."  I disagree.    Every citizen should fear the IRS and should have feared it 100 years ago.  The Marxist knew then it would grow into the monster it is today.  I agree with the remainder of Mr Brady's article promoting the Fair Tax.

Roy Newsom
Granbury, Texas


Unregulated industry

A pro-life rally in front of the Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Phoenix last week brought needed attention to the poorly regulated abortion industry.  Live Action, the pro-life organization which has done much to expose the corruption in the abortion industry through undercover videos, was instrumental in putting this rally together in Phoenix.

So why was this event held in Phoenix?  It was at the previously mentioned abortion mill that staff told a Live Action investigator that they would not "resuscitate" a baby born alive after a botched abortion.

And Dr. Laura Mercer said, "We literally go in and grab and pull out pieces," in a late-term abortion.

There is a disturbing trend of unsafe conditions going on in the abortion industry today.  In Maryland, last week, four abortion mills were shut down after inspections revealed unsafe conditions.  Can we not see that there are more Kermit Gosnells out there who run unsanitary abortion mills?  Also in Maryland, three abortionists had their licenses revoked after a woman's death.  Yes, more Gosnells!

At the Planned Parenthood in Delaware, nurse Joyce Vasikonis revealed this:  "They were using instruments on patients that were not sterile."

And nurse Jayne Mitchell Werbrich said, "It's not washed down; it's not even cleaned off.  It has bloody drainage on it."  Yes, more Gosnells!

Please visit to see the many undercover videos revealing the evil that takes place in abortion mills.  It's time Congress steps in and regulates the abortion industry to help save lives of both babies and mothers!


Mike Rachiele
Pittsfield, Massachusetts